Saturday, October 19, 2019

VIDEO: Retropolis' New Home. Dramatika, Coda, & Jubilee Are Also In the Halloween Spirit

Check out all the Halloween fixin's folks have in stores on the "19th Street antique strip."
(At least that's what I call it.)

First up! Retropolis, in its new location on 19th Street. 
I spoke with Sam at Retropolis for the latest on their new home in the heart of Greater Heights. 

Yoko Vintage has a spot inside! So does the Wear It Again Sam lady! Here's a fresh look inside!

And don't call it a costume shop. Ooooh no! Because it's NOT.

Retropolis is a serious fashion staple in the Houston Heights where they've selectively curated a great collection of unique looks from way back, to keep you in style for many years to come! 

Down the block is Dramatika, they have the most fabulous card and image selection.

Also, custom framing and unique images like this witch on 
The Saturday Evening Post that I saw in their window. 

Framed and ready to purchase!

I also popped in Jubilee to see all the great Halloween items they have for you to check out.
Here's a look!

I also popped inside Coda on 19th because I saw these fun pumpkins they have in the window. Turns out, their also having a sale on Halloween items!! Also, Veterans Day is fast approaching.

So shop local and support local area businesses.

Friday, October 18, 2019

VIDEO: Proper In Greater Heights Has Your ONLY Astros, Halloween Footwear & Team Gear

Proper in the heart of Greater Heights has the best Astros shoes you'll find anywhere! I stopped by and spoke with Anthony who shows us not only the special shoes designed in partnership with Vans but THE Kate Upton jacket! Yes, they have it in stock along with a new design all their own! 

Proper also has a wicked collection of Halloween themed shoes based on the cult classic film "Nightmare Before Christmas!" 

Here's a fresh take at all the latest at Proper!

And if you want to see the Astros tonight, but you don't have TV, here are a couple of links to see the game for free online:

Go Astros!

VIDEO: Coming Soon To the Old Carter and Cooley Location On 19th

Here's a quick look inside the old Carter and Cooley location on 19th at Ashland. 
Watch the video to find out what's coming soon to this location!

And if you're wondering where Carter and Cooley will be popping up next, here's their info...

CONSTRUCTION: Greystar and Broadstone Heights Waterworks Still In Development

Today I had so much fun looking around the Heights. Greystar is coming soon where the big old Chase bank was. The bank has since been built into a corner of the block and Greystar will occupy 3/4 of the entire block.

Here are the guys way up there, hard at work!

A couple of guys doing construction wave (avbove) as they continue to build on 19th and 20th where the old blue water tanks were. 

Broadstone Heights Waterworks is also coming soon. It'll be across the street from Greystar. 

This one is framing up nicely too! I can't wait to see the inside!

And I just love the Heights Medical Tower. 
My mom worked as a nurse in this building for much of her career. 
Here's a look at who's there today.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

NapSiesta LLC Launches in southwest Houston

I'm starting something I like to think will improve the health and well-being of others. I'm opening a nap space on the southwest side. Yes, a place where you can take a nap, by the hour.

This is my own vocal promo for it! Check out NapSiesta LLC online and call 713.869.2697 to book your appointment today!

Thursday, September 19, 2019

First Imelda Death Reported As Houston Hit With Up To Four Feet Of Rain

First and foremost, here is a link for flood gauges in Harris County. 

Once again, Houston takes center stage in headlines but it's something we've seen before and now it's reportedly worse than Harvey.

One family is faced with the worst possible news.

Over in east Texas, in Jefferson County, a statement from the family of a man named Hunter Morrison, who was trying to get a horse to safety, was electrocuted and drowned in the storm. He is the first reported Imelda storm related death.

It's been 2 years since Harvey in Houston Texas and now, Imelda. For three days, I have stayed put, like a cat by the window because I know better. I've worked in news since 2002 and knew how severe this was going to be. So many rain bands. So many aren't keeping track, but should when kids are involved.

All local parents are being advised to check with your school district via social media or alerts to find out if your kids should go to school tomorrow, even next week as more damage is revealed. 

First responders have done the best job. Too bad they're having trouble with City Hall.

METRO has suspended service today, but they will make sure you get home after water recedes. 

If your car is stranded, go to this link to find out where it is.

There have been 3K 9-1-1 calls made since midnight according to local officials. 

Also, no playing in this nasty water. There are a lot of submerged hazards and chemicals in it. 

According to officials, Memorial Hospital east has flooding. 

Evening dockets at court has been canceled, but open at 8AM Friday morning. 

If you know anyone who needs to be rescued, contact 9-1-1, unless you're already in a safe spot to wait it out. 

If you need shelter, or know someone in need, here's a link to monitor.

If you're looking for immediate driving conditions and weather, I always go to this link, which seems bogged down during this time, so keep refreshing.

Tolls are being waived in some areas, so be careful.

The good news is: the rain is over. However, authorities say the water will be receding very slowly. 

That's all folks! ... For now.

Friday, September 13, 2019

VIDEO: Trending after Democratic Debate In Houston

Trending on Twitter after the debates...

Bernie Sanders wants to make sure you don't pay for healthcare and not more than $200 for Rx's. Biden is pushing Obamacare in this clip:

But did Joe Biden's dentures come loose during the debate? Here's the video:

No matter. Joe Biden was the most searched after the debate last night behind Ariana Grande and Drake of course.

After the recent mass shooting that happened in El Paso, Beto O'Rourke had these impassioned remarks, saying he's for buybacks of assault weapons.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

LIVE LOOK: Tanker Truck Blocks Heights Intersection

City of Houston authorities are responding to the intersection of West 6th and Rutland where a tanker truck has overturned. 

Typically, you don't have tanker trucks moving through the Heights because it's not an industrial area. Especially the West side of Heights. 

Channel 11 is over the scene where HFD HAZMAT is scene. working the scene to clear chemicals and/or any spill in the area.

Folks are being asked to find an alternate route till the tanker is cleared of spills and the tanker truck.

In new video posted online, police are scene blocking intersections at 6th and Yale.

Here's a LIVE look from the sky. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

VIDEO: The Fastest Ford In the World Debuts In Texas

This is the coolest thing you'll see all day!

I love fast cars. I'm a "lead-foot," which is why I drive a four-cylinder that doesn't go fast at all.

But THIS! This would be exhilarating to drive. Perhaps even scary, because it's so super amazing!

A couple of guys with M2K Motorsports suped up a 2006 ford GT and now ... out the gate, it's hits 161 m.p.h at just 1/4 mile. 293 m.p.h. at 1 mile.

They tested it in Victoria, Texas and WOW!

I have your first look at it in action!

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

House Committee Set To Pass Marijuana Banking Bill, But May Stall In the Senate

Congress is finally opening their eyes to the possibility of immense financial flow thanks to the cannabis industry. At this point, industry businesses have to operate in cash or go through Canada to make exchanges. In the U.S. it's cash for every part of the industry. No U.S. banks have ever been open... allowed to do 'green rush' business.

BUT! That may all change today!

Marijuana industry cash may soon be off the street and flowing into bank accounts today, thanks to  a House committee, expected to pass a bill that would make it happen.  Cannabis companies that follow state laws would be provided bank services the so-called SAFE Act would allow.

The SAFE Act debate takes place today in the House Financial Services Committee, who'll sort it all out.

Meanwhile, banking industry analysts say that even though the House is open to considering, even PASSING bills like this one, the Republican led Senate is expected to be a hard sell. 

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell reportedly is not interested in debating weed on the Senate floor.

Look for House Financial Services Committee LIVE feeds on this today.

Monday, March 25, 2019

In Texas, Hemp Will Be Removed From Controlled Substance List In April

Hemp could save Texas agriculture and very well may come April.

That's because on April 5th, hemp will no longer be a controlled substance in Texas.

It's new territory for the state, so, the state legislature will still have to clarify a few matters concerning the integral production of hemp and clear up questions like testing and labeling products to be FDA approved.

The federal government removed hemp from its list of controlled substances in last year's Farm Bill, and the state is following suit.

The FDA will need to approve whether growing hemp must be done as part of a state-approved program.

What about marijuana though? The fight to legalize in Texas continues.

Texas: Marijuana Decriminalization Bill Advances Out of Key Committee
Texas House Committee OK's Weed Decriminalization

Friday, March 22, 2019

VINTAGE VIDEO: Texas Legislation May Revive Huntsville Prison Rodeo

In Austin, Texas Representative Ernest Bailes, a Republican from San Jacinto County, is filing a bill to bring back the Prison Rodeo in Huntsville. Just like in "Urban Cowboy."

The house bill would revive the annual rodeo, which was held from 1931 to 1986.  Back then, the rodeo raised enough revenue to pay for itself; even subsidized educational and recreational funding to provide inmates with perks from dentures to textbooks to holiday turkeys.

The rodeo was discontinued because of structural problems with the stadium, which was later torn down.

Here is vintage video from events held here.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

THIS SUMMER! VooDoo Doughnut 24/7 Shop Coming To the Heights!

HEIGHTSTONIANs and yes, all of Houston will be getting a sweet treat this summer!

If you like doughnuts, you'll soon have an option closer to home in the Heights.

VooDoo Doughnut will open a location on Washington Avenue near Heights Boulevard.

If you like Shipley, this is going to be some fierce competition for doughnut lovers like myself.

Here's a peek at another location!

Sure we have sweet shops popping up all over the Heights, but, like Shipley, VooDoo will also be open 24/7. It'll have a drive-thru. and take cash, credit and debit!

VooDoo takes it a step further with supporting eight nonprofits.

Founded in 2003, VooDoo is based in Oregon with seven locations across the nation. 

VIDEO: Fan or not? "Wendy" is Certainly Courageous!

Addiction is real. Celebrities can't always hide it behind make-up and fancy dresses.

Tuesday, Wendy announced she has been staying in a safe-house recently.  She shared information about the Hunter Foundation she and her husband have.

It's got a 24 hour hotline 888-5-HUNTER that helps anyone around the world.

Wendy explains more about her story in new video...

If you or anyone you know needs help with addiction, for alcohol for example, the Heights Group exists at 22nd and Lawrence.

If you or your family have a problem with addiction, Houston has a lot of helpful resources. Just do a quick search! They pop right up!

Stay healthy and take care. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

VIDEO: Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee Introduces Federal Legislation To Increase Cycling Safety

Tuesday afternoon Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee was on Heights Boulevard to take about new legislation about cycling safety.

Numbers seems to increasing when it comes to bicycle crashes and deaths. NHTSA looks at stats dating back to 2007-2016 where numbers increased nationwide.

What's going wrong? Is it drivers? It is cyclists? Both?

Whatever the case may be, the Congresswoman is trying to put forth legislation to increase safety for for everyone.

here's a look...

Spring Is FINALLY Here

The start of Spring is marked today by the vernal equinox by the time you leave work today.

Just before 6 p.m. this evening, is the time when both the Northern and Southern hemispheres will experience twelve hours of daylight and twelve hours of darkness.

Spring will officially be here in the U.S. and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere at 4:58 p.m. Texas time and with it comes warmer weather, blooming flowers and more daylight.  Today is also an astronomical double-header with the final "supermoon" of the year.

Perhaps NASA will have a LIVE feed later on! Check back then!

Monday, March 11, 2019

PODCAST: Stacy and Rachel on Sexual Pleasing In Relationships And Life

You never know what HEIGHTSTONIAN will post next! Right?!!

Today, Stacy and I are releasing a new album about sex - of course!

We certainly hope you get to laugh, learn a little something.

Above all, ENJOY! Thanks for playing!

More to come! Promise!

Sunday, March 10, 2019

VIDEO: Archbishop Emeritus Joseph Anthony Fiorenza Gives Blessing At All Saints Church

It's the first week of Lent. 
Today, the first Sunday of Lent, and Archbishop Emeritus Joseph Anthony Fiorenza gave the blessing today at my church
I snapped this photo of him reviewing his blessing right before he shook my mother's hand. 

"Hello" he said to her.

Thanks for watching!

VIDEO: Violet Peacock Hat Creator Extraordinaire

Lindsay Halpin, Designer, Violet Peacock hat creator extraordinaire, is still at it.

Last we met, it was her very first ever on-camera interview at the firehouse on Yale in the Heights.

We met up again at Violet Peacock's spectacular studio where she held and open house over the weekend. 

Have a look at that video and thanks for watching! 


Friday, March 8, 2019

Happy International Women's Day! Heights High School Redcoats Dance Team Are Going To Disney World in Orlando After Community Comes Through To Help Replace $15K In Missing Funds

First, let me say, I'm a Reagan Bulldog through and through. I graduated from now Heights High ... some time back.

But no need to look back!

That's because, from what I saw last night, the Heights Redcoats and the entire student body have come a long way since the 90's.

These magnificent dancers have not only earned their spot, but paid their own way to prepare and train with the best'of'em! Over time, they've been raising funds to take a trip to Disney World to train with the infamous Disney dancers.

Thing is... they'd planned, and had most of the money together... went to pay the rest of what they owed and found out $15K had vanished from their funding. ... As well as the person in charge according to reports.

So with Spring Break fast approaching, just 8 days away, the group started a GoFundMe account to raise the $15K (out of $90K) to replace those missing funds.

And guess what?!

THEY MET THEIR GOAL and are now on their way to Disney World to perform their spectacular hearts out.

Last night at Heights High, they thanked the public and donors who contributed, and decided to perform a FIRE routine that is fabulous!

Of course when I heard they were performing, I had to attend and capture their hard work on video.

And let me tell you! WOW!

It's a full-on NON-STOP 20-minute routine (see below).

Congratulations Heights Redcoats on a job well done! These ladies are an inspiration to me and women everywhere this International Women's Day!

Ladies. You lead the way!



Saturday, March 2, 2019


This is a story of one man's mission to give a famous music artist an original painting of the star. But it's not just any painting and his subject is not just any star.

"4 THE QUEEN 'TRAP SELENA'" is an original painting by Atlanta, Georgia artist @lucidmeegz, of Grammy winning performer Cardi B.

The image is a stark portrayal of an amalgamation happening in music today, by one of the world's most popular music artists. Cardi B. From what I've come to understand in just a few minutes of research, Cardi B. is a unique blend of what resonates in the minds of Selena fans everywhere who remember her final performance at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. An event Texans can't forget.

~ AND. Combined with ...

Impact of the outspoken, sexy commixture of music from the self-proclaimed "Trap Selena" - A flavor only Cardi B, a Bronx, N.Y. native, brings, that seems to increasingly garner support from artists of the domineering southern hip-hop scene.

Outside SPIRE night club, the official afterparty, Bushwick Bill was spotted walking by. Lil Flip was on his phone and chatting with fans. Also, in the crowd was a "close friend of Travis Scott" - all perhaps hoping to get a glimpse of Cardi B.

This is Blackbar Lucid Meegz, in: 4 THE QUEEN 'TRAP SELENA' - presented by HEIGHTSTONIAN. Hope you enjoy it and thanks for watching!

Also, incase you're still wondering what Cardi B means by "Trap Selena" - her loyal followers are happy to explain anywhere you look online.

Here are a couple of examples posted on social.

And we all love and miss Selena. Who could forget this moment when she entered the stage at Rodeo Houston? ...

And now that I myself, take another look at the performance by Cardi B at Rodeo Houston... where she broke the all-time attendance record, I see what fans are talking about.

Thanks for checking out HEIGHTSTONIAN!

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

VIDEO: Actress Selma Blair Opens Up About 'Tears' and 'Relief' of MS Diagnosis

Be sweet!

God Bless Selma Blair. She's opening up for the first time about her MS diagnosis. It's difficult for her to speak. She gets tired and has crappy days like the rest of us.

Only, she went through 5 years of struggling with what was breaking her body down to the point of convulsing uncontrollably in the tube to get an MRI - only to find out she has a severe and aggressive form of MS.

It flared after the birth of her son and she's struggled ever since.

The diagnosis was the actual point of relief for the actress who has starred in blockbuster films like "Cruel Intentions" and "The Sweetest Thing."

Now she opens up about having MS and life as usual, being her career as a film and show star.

Here's her EXCLUSIVE talk with ABC News' Robin Roberts...

Vanity Fair also did a story on her transformation.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

LIVE: 'Empire' Actor Jussie Smollett Is Arrested for Allegedly Making False Police Report

From actor and singer to suspect, the Chicago Police are confirming the #Jussie Smollett hoax.

Now we're all afraid any other hate crime will be treated with skepticism... which should never happen. The police did say that they treated this case like any other. ... Adding, the media put the spotlight on this particular case.

The Chicago Police department also says "it's shameful for the city of Chicago. He knew as a celeb it would get a lot of attention."

Is anyone is subject to a hate crime, always ALWAYS, AAAALLLWAAAAYS SPEAK OUT. Report it because like most of America in this case, we will believe you.

Unless you are PROVEN a liar.

Mugshot of Smollett

VIDEO: "Empire" Actress Taraji P. Henson Speaks Out About Jussie Smollett

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

VIDEO: "Empire" Actress Taraji P. Henson Speaks Out About Jussie Smollett


The plot thickens in real life for Jussie Smollet? But what does co-star Taraji P. Henson think?

I have your first look at that new video!

She also spoke about her cancer scare. Something 1 in 3 can relate to.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

(NSFW) Foot Fetish - Vol. 1: A Valentine's Day Comedy Album of One Minute Tracks

WARNING: Put on your headphones before playing our podcasts. 

A Valentine's Day Comedy Album of One Minute Tracks

By no stretch of my imagination did I ever believe I would be doing this but I'm going with it because I'm having fun and it's my God given right to do and say whatever I please.  I tend to surround myself with women who do the same. Of course, along came Stacy. One of my greatest friends.

And it's led to the release of this new album. Our second.

Stacy and I put out our first album about a week ago...


Based on a special request on the topic of foot fetish, Stacy and I produced these one minute tracks for your listening pleasure.

Monday, February 11, 2019

VIDEO: Balmain Rules Grammys Red Carpet

Grammy's Twitter went out to all the millions following and watching with this all too common grammar error:

There vs. their...

Anyway, I'm a fan of Kylie. I admit it. But just her. Anyway. Balmain is a label I admire at the moment.

It's just nice to see a bunch of women really bond and represent something great for all of us. - Unity.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

I'm Modeling in the Houston Rodeo's 2019 Rocking the Rodeo Runway Fashion Show

This is last year's look...

It's been quite a while since I've been on a runway!

I'm very excited to announce I will be participating in the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo's 2019 Rocking the Rodeo Runway fashion show.

 It's March 3rd at 2:30 p.m.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

VIDEO: In May, Denver Voters Will Decide Whether To Legalize MAGIC MUSHROOMS

Denver's chance of legalization of magic mushrooms will be on the May ballot. This is major because no matter what you think they do to people, makes them more creative, it's really all natural.

AS IN: From the earth.

First Denver... then Vegas!

Want to learn more about them? I recommend watching these videos below.

Monday, February 4, 2019


How do you bang out a couple of Valentine's Day, sex and relationship podcast albums in a single day? Grab one of your best friends, GO FOR IT and don't be afraid to getting a little dirty.

In this case, Stacy and I were in bed over the weekend when we pressed record.

In the end, we just hope to make you laugh!... And maybe learn a thing or two.

Enjoy and Happy Valentine's Day!

Rachel and Stacy!

Thursday, January 31, 2019

VIDEO: Police Chief Art Acevedo Boldly Dismisses Conspiracy Theories

The 5 officer involved shootout that happened in Houston Monday has a lot of conspiracy theories surrounding the investigation.

I didn't even know about that was the case until I heard it today. I only report the facts. If I don't know, I research. I ask. I find the source! That's real journalism.

Today, three of the officers involved remain critically hospitalized. A REAL investigation is being done, and the HPD police chief says "Those conspiracy theorists... you may as well put'em to bed."

He's been here 2 years, out of Austin, Texas. Things are done HIS WAY.

We all love and carry on through life in this city without seeing the dirty underbelly of what they go through to keep our families safe.

A few days ago, Chief Acevedo told the public in a press conference that 98% of the time, the job is boring. And you know what he means, the donut cops and cops cruising around.

The other 2% of the time, things happen that make headlines and end up with officers injured and/or lives are lost.

Today, Chief Acevedo explains that hundreds of search warrants are done every year in our great city.

This shootout involving 5 officers shot or injured, was one of those search warrants.

Here are a few statements he made to the media this morning on the step of the new Harris County Joint County/City Processing Center shortly after the ribbon cutting ceremony.

By the way, I toured the new Processing Center top to bottom and it's AMAZING! It's state-of-the-art high-tech and completely modern and impressive.

I took a ton of photos for when reporting original content on the job. I won't share them online here because I respect the our city's law enforcement and don't want to expose their operations in any way.

God bless our law enforcement men and women who serve and protect. I certainly hope those injured officers make a full and complete recovery.

I know... I know... Officers often look bored and like they're not doing much, which gets them a bad rap. Right?

Thing is... they walk a dangerous path every day. Each of them are less likely than us simple civilians to see tomorrow.

So, pray for the men and women in blue ya'll. 

Monday, January 28, 2019

IN CHICAGO: It's "Give me your Canada Goose Jacket! ... Or Else!"

Got "Goosebumps?"

You do if you're wearing a special coat in Chicago ... Because at any given moment in below freezing weather, someone will probably gank your Canada Goose jacket... AT GUNPOINT!

That's how cold it is in Chicago. Sorry I'm four days late on this, but check this out...

And no one's been arrested. 

HEB Missing an 'I' in Heights Sign. Opens Jan. 31

I passed by the new HEB in the Heights and can't wait to see what's new!

A Fiesta was there for as long as we can remember. Another was on Studewood. That location is now an assisted living apartment building. 

Now the one on Shepherd will be an H-E-B. Here's a first look at the sign. 

So, no more Fiestas in Greater Heights. Fiestas are still around but the latin shopping experience in the Heights, has been replaced by much smaller La Michoacana Meat Markets.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Bobcat Sighting and Major Drug Bust and MORE Headlines

Out in Sugar Land, there's been a bobcat sighting, so folks in the Greatwood neighborhood are advised to keep small pets inside for now.

Also in Sugar Land, a major drug bust lands a couple of guys in jail, maybe worse after what police found during a search warrant.

  • Thousands (Yes, THOUSANDS!) of Ecstasy and Xanax pills
  • 120 grams of THC
  • 50 grams of pot
  • 82 grams of cocaine
WOW, right?! Who knows how much flow is on the streets of Houston at any given moment?!!? Careful out there kids and animals!

Other things going on in Houston...

Nine men are under arrest for stopping traffic under the "BE SOMEONE" graffiti bridge on the North Freeway, to take photos of themselves under it. They were there for about 20 minutes. 

In an official statement, HPD Police Chief Acevedo said "someone could be charged with murder if the holdup caused a fatality."


The partial government shutdown continues but Trump's new nemesis , called the "#1 Leaker" is revealed in this new report.

And BETO devotees... Question for you... Will you still love BETO after seeing him in a onesie and sheep mask in his band?

As for what's new here in the Heights... everyone is abuzz about the new HEB on Shepherd. I still miss the Fiesta but this new store is huge and hugs every square inch of the block with shopping stacked above fancy parking. So of course, I'm expecting something truly great! Even my mother's excited about their new shop.  -  I'm going to wait and see.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Comedian Pete Davidson Returns to SNL After Instagram Suicide Threat... Jokes About It

I wasn't a huge fan of Pete Davidson on SNL. Then he and Ariana got engaged. It made me look. Now he's back from the post about his mental health and I know it's been hard for him. Depression is so real; even for the someone so young and yes, famous.  It doesn't hurt that rumors were swirling over a week ago about him and Kate Beckinsale

On "Saturday Night Live" over the weekend, he joked about his mental health. I just hope he and anyone suffering from depression finds the help they need to make things better. 

Here's the number to a FREE nationwide suicidal hotline for anyone reading this who may need it. 

Way to go Pete! 

POLL: It's Rams Against Patriots For Super Bowl 53; So Who'll Win? Pats or Rams? VOTE now!

It's official! The L.A. Rams and New England Patriots will go up against each other in Super Bowl 53. It takes place in Atlanta, Sunday February 3rd. 

It's the fourth Super Bowl for the Rams and it's been a while. Their first appearance was in 2002, when they lost to the Pats, an underdog team with underdog quarterback Tom Brady.

Underdog? Not for long...

Most recently, Brady and New England have become familiar faces, now in the big game for the third straight year and fifth time in the last eight. 

So who'll win Super Bowl 53? VOTE below!

SUPER BOWL: Who'll win the big game? Pats or Rams?

New England Patriots
Los Angeles Rams
The halftime show
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