Monday, October 6, 2014

Keep At It Texans!

It would be no surprise to me if most folks from Houston and Texas who didn't like this city for a while, now want to contribute to the massive growth across the state. I do! 

However, it can be overwhelming to most, but just take a deep breath and start with one step at a time. This snapshot really put in into perspective for me. I can't be the only one... 

Ultimately, it really doesn't matter where you are with what you're doing. Just keep doing it! Smaller mom and pop businesses have even been upping their profile to stay in the Houston business game and many like this: Autoinsurancenotaryelectronicincometax(deepbreath)lawyer are lucky enough to be settled onto a prime location like this. 

I saw Mr. Autoinsurancenotaryelectronicincometax(deepbreath)lawyer as I was driving early Saturday morning along Main and I-45 heading downtown, and there he was painting his parking lot. Of course I kept going but I guess I know where I can go to this factotum if I ever need, well, ANYTHING! 

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