Saturday, October 19, 2019

VIDEO: Retropolis' New Home. Dramatika, Coda, & Jubilee Are Also In the Halloween Spirit

Check out all the Halloween fixin's folks have in stores on the "19th Street antique strip."
(At least that's what I call it.)

First up! Retropolis, in its new location on 19th Street. 
I spoke with Sam at Retropolis for the latest on their new home in the heart of Greater Heights. 

Yoko Vintage has a spot inside! So does the Wear It Again Sam lady! Here's a fresh look inside!

And don't call it a costume shop. Ooooh no! Because it's NOT.

Retropolis is a serious fashion staple in the Houston Heights where they've selectively curated a great collection of unique looks from way back, to keep you in style for many years to come! 

Down the block is Dramatika, they have the most fabulous card and image selection.

Also, custom framing and unique images like this witch on 
The Saturday Evening Post that I saw in their window. 

Framed and ready to purchase!

I also popped in Jubilee to see all the great Halloween items they have for you to check out.
Here's a look!

I also popped inside Coda on 19th because I saw these fun pumpkins they have in the window. Turns out, their also having a sale on Halloween items!! Also, Veterans Day is fast approaching.

So shop local and support local area businesses.

Friday, October 18, 2019

VIDEO: Proper In Greater Heights Has Your ONLY Astros, Halloween Footwear & Team Gear

Proper in the heart of Greater Heights has the best Astros shoes you'll find anywhere! I stopped by and spoke with Anthony who shows us not only the special shoes designed in partnership with Vans but THE Kate Upton jacket! Yes, they have it in stock along with a new design all their own! 

Proper also has a wicked collection of Halloween themed shoes based on the cult classic film "Nightmare Before Christmas!" 

Here's a fresh take at all the latest at Proper!

And if you want to see the Astros tonight, but you don't have TV, here are a couple of links to see the game for free online:

Go Astros!

VIDEO: Coming Soon To the Old Carter and Cooley Location On 19th

Here's a quick look inside the old Carter and Cooley location on 19th at Ashland. 
Watch the video to find out what's coming soon to this location!

And if you're wondering where Carter and Cooley will be popping up next, here's their info...

CONSTRUCTION: Greystar and Broadstone Heights Waterworks Still In Development

Today I had so much fun looking around the Heights. Greystar is coming soon where the big old Chase bank was. The bank has since been built into a corner of the block and Greystar will occupy 3/4 of the entire block.

Here are the guys way up there, hard at work!

A couple of guys doing construction wave (avbove) as they continue to build on 19th and 20th where the old blue water tanks were. 

Broadstone Heights Waterworks is also coming soon. It'll be across the street from Greystar. 

This one is framing up nicely too! I can't wait to see the inside!

And I just love the Heights Medical Tower. 
My mom worked as a nurse in this building for much of her career. 
Here's a look at who's there today.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

NapSiesta LLC Launches in southwest Houston

I'm starting something I like to think will improve the health and well-being of others. I'm opening a nap space on the southwest side. Yes, a place where you can take a nap, by the hour.

This is my own vocal promo for it! Check out NapSiesta LLC online and call 713.869.2697 to book your appointment today!

Need Reels? I do Reels... Just did a couple today about the "Barbie" movie for my station

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