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VIDEO: Police Chief Art Acevedo Boldly Dismisses Conspiracy Theories

The 5 officer involved shootout that happened in Houston Monday has a lot of conspiracy theories surrounding the investigation. I didn't even know about that was the case until I heard it today. I only report the facts. If I don't know, I research. I ask. I find the source! That's real journalism. Today, three of the officers involved remain critically hospitalized. A REAL investigation is being done, and the HPD police chief says "Those conspiracy theorists... you may as well put'em to bed." He's been here 2 years, out of Austin, Texas. Things are done HIS WAY. We all love and carry on through life in this city without seeing the dirty underbelly of what they go through to keep our families safe. A few days ago, Chief Acevedo told the public in a press conference that 98% of the time, the job is boring. And you know what he means, the donut cops and cops cruising around. The other 2% of the time, things happen that make headlines and end up w

IN CHICAGO: It's "Give me your Canada Goose Jacket! ... Or Else!"

Got "Goosebumps?" You do if you're wearing a special coat in  Chicago  ... Because at any given moment in below freezing weather, someone will probably gank your  Canada Goose jacket ... AT GUNPOINT! That's how cold it is in Chicago. Sorry I'm four days late on this, but check this out... And no one's been arrested. 

HEB Missing an 'I' in Heights Sign. Opens Jan. 31

I passed by the new HEB in the Heights and can't wait to see what's new! A Fiesta was there for as long as we can remember. Another was on Studewood. That location is now an assisted living apartment building.  Now the one on Shepherd will be an H-E-B. Here's a first look at the sign.  So, no more Fiestas in Greater Heights. Fiestas are still around but the latin shopping experience in the Heights, has been replaced by much smaller La Michoacana Meat Markets.

Bobcat Sighting and Major Drug Bust and MORE Headlines

Out in Sugar Land, there's been a bobcat sighting, so folks in the Greatwood neighborhood are advised to keep small pets inside for now. ___ Also in Sugar Land, a major drug bust lands a couple of guys in jail, maybe worse after what police found during a search warrant. Houston/Sugar Land area Drug Bust. FBC Narcotics Task Force conducted operation targeting a source of supply of illicit substances in Houston/Sugar Land area. Wed, Jan 23, 2 suspects taken into custody & charged; Edwin Garcia, 29, of Sugar Land & Hector Garcia, 25, of Sugar Land — FBCSO Texas (@FBCSO) January 23, 2019 Thousands (Yes, THOUSANDS!) of Ecstasy and Xanax pills 120 grams of THC 50 grams of pot 82 grams of cocaine WOW, right?! Who knows how much flow is on the streets of Houston at any given moment?!!? Careful out there kids and animals! __ Other things going on in Houston... Nine men are under arrest for stopping traffic under the &

Comedian Pete Davidson Returns to SNL After Instagram Suicide Threat... Jokes About It

I wasn't a huge fan of Pete Davidson on SNL. Then he and Ariana got engaged. It made me look. Now he's back from the post about his mental health and I know it's been hard for him. Depression is so real; even for the someone so young and yes, famous.  It doesn't hurt that rumors were swirling over a week ago about him and Kate Beckinsale On  "Saturday Night Live" over the weekend, he joked about his mental health. I just hope he and anyone suffering from depression finds the help they need to make things better.  Here's the number to a FREE nationwide suicidal hotline for anyone reading this who may need it.   Way to go Pete! 

POLL: It's Rams Against Patriots For Super Bowl 53; So Who'll Win? Pats or Rams? VOTE now!

It's official! The L.A. Rams and New England Patriots will go up against each other in Super Bowl 53. It takes place in Atlanta, Sunday February 3rd.  It's the fourth Super Bowl for the Rams and it's been a while. Their first appearance was in 2002, when they lost to the Pats, an underdog team with underdog quarterback Tom Brady. Underdog? Not for long... Most recently, Brady and New England have become familiar faces, now in the big game for the third straight year and fifth time in the last eight.  So who'll win Super Bowl 53? VOTE below! SUPER BOWL: Who'll win the big game? Pats or Rams? New England Patriots Los Angeles Rams The halftime show Created with Quiz Creator

Happy Blue Monday Depressed People

Time to rise up! Unless you're down the dumps today. It is Blue Monday after all. But is today the gloomiest, saddest, and most depressing day of the year?  One British researcher says he can prove it is and that every third Monday in January is the worst.  The researcher says he's created a mathematical equation for what he calls Blue Monday and bases the calculations on time, weather conditions, debt levels, days since Christmas, and days since New Year's folk quit resolutions or simply too many failed attempts at them. Critics among the UK's Mental Health Foundation believe depression can't simply be calculated and that Blue Monday is simply a PR stunt to sell more stuff and/or a chance to claim to improve one's well being. Here's one Blue Monday that will likely cheer you up today... Just press play and ENJOY!

VIDEO: Robot Hotel Fires Robot Workers

In Nagasaki, a Japanese robot hotel is firing - "canning" over half of the robots it hired for a variety of jobs because they're finding out that robots like Rosie from the Jetsons , caused more problems again and again at the hotel where they worked. More than 240 robots are now out of work because according to hotel management, and the company president, check-in robots needed help. Clueless concierge robots were also problematic. Luggage carriers bots didn't know they're way to rooms. And entertainment bots kept losing their spark, ultimately breaking down. Check out more about the Henn-na , which btw, means weird or strange in Japanese. weet!

The Gregory Brothers Make Cardi B Government Shutdown Rant Into A Song ... And It's AWESOME!

Cardi B is everywhere these days and after making this argument over the government shutdown... View this post on Instagram I know a lot of ya do r watch the news so I’m letting ya know shit getting real .....I ain’t going to say nothing much tho I don’t want mofos to off me.....ANYWAYS TWERK VIDEO OUT NOW A post shared by CARDIVENOM (@iamcardib) on Jan 16, 2019 at 2:41pm PST ... The Gregory Brothers have made a song out if it... "Like to hear it? Here it goes." Because it's pretty great! so excited for our first co-write with @iamcardib , Yeah Bitch / Nah Bitch 🔊🔊🙏 — The Gregory Brothers (@gregorybrothers) January 17, 2019

Travis Scott Will Perform in the Half-time Show At Super Bowl 53

Houston, Texas native Travis Scott and the who brought Astroworld back to life for native Heightstonians like myself is in the big time with a gig of a lifetime at the Pepsi Super Bowl 53 halftime show. The Grammy-nominated rapper, Scott, will perform alongside Maroon 5.  They'll all  appear with Atlanta native Big Boi at halftime in Atlanta on February 3rd.  Scott has had a number-one album and a successful tour that continues after the Super Bowl.  His girlfriend billionaire, Kylie Jenner, gave birth to the couple's first baby, a girl,  Stormi , last February.

I'm a Horse Whisperer - Who knew!?

I was driving out in the country yesterday and took a lot of great photos and stopped to meet some animals when I had the chance. This one turned out great! Who knew I was a horse whisperer?!? Have a look at what happened when I asked a few horses in Millheim, Texas to come and talk to me... Thanks for watching!

VIDEO: Arizona Folks Attacked Google's Self-Driving Cars

What do you think of self-driving cars? Not everyone is a fan of them and their potential to radically change the American commute (no matter how much you complain about it). SO! Folks in Chandler, Arizona have started physically attacking Waymo's vehicles.  Tires have been slashed, rocks - thrown, and at someone even tried running one of the cars off the road. Nearly a dozen more attacks have been made. Alphabet, Waymo's parent company, is also Google's parent company. Although self-driving car, employees are now riding in the cars as added safety precaution.

Girl Scouts Introduce New Gluten-free Cookie

The Girl Scouts have a new cookie to take favorite flavors to new heights! Girl Scout cookie season kicked off January 2nd, and now, your local Girl Scout troop will be selling a new cookie called Caramel Chocolate Chip.  The gluten-free cookie is made with caramel, semi-sweet chocolate chips and a hint of sea salt. Here's a preview: