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Houston's Liza Koshy is youtube's BIGGEST Star

If you don't know Liza Koshy, you should! She's known for so many things, it's dangerous! I can also say, I don't watch TV anymore because of entertainers like her. She's from my hometown of Houston, Texas and loves Beyonce... wait. We all do. But now SHE'S in VOGUE! You go girl! She is 4 years in and calls this video for VOGUE her biggest achievement. I won't disagree, but she's done some fun work!  Subscribe and see for yourself.

My friend Ezra Miller as "The Flash" Hits Theaters in "Justice League" Today

I asked Ezra Miller about "Justice League" when  I met him in 2016 ... which seems like so long ago, but the time I spent with him and his band , Sons of an Illustrious Father was so special. Super fun! Sons of an Illustrious Father (above), photographed by HEIGHTSTONIAN Today, I couldn't be more excited about seeing "Justice League" in theaters, in 3D, which will clearly blow my mind. I don't often see movies in 3D but will today. I've see all the promos and interviews ... and the one in which "Extra" called Ezra the "lead." See how he responded to that below at 1:14 ... Ezra also said he also go to improvise for many of his scenes, which I can't wait to see because he's so smart, fun, and armed with lightning wit. OH! And this interview where he talks about his "Interview" with Erika Badu for the magazine's cover story... Of course, I have my ticket! Check out "Justice

HEIGHTSTONIAN UPCLOSE with the Houston Astros World Series trophy

A LOT of excitement at the iHeartMedia studios today! That's where I work very early mornings and in the 7 years I've been here, this is one of the most special days ever. The Houston Astros World Series trophy came by, swaddled in a Tiffany & Co. blanket. Unveiled in the arms of SportsTalk 790's Matt Thomas, Thomas headed in to the studio to interview Houston Astros manager Reid Ryan on-air and I got to be inside the studio to get all the close-ups JUST FOR YOU because I too, as a native Houstonian, know what this means for our city.  Of course I wore my lucky Biggio shirt. They won ONLY when I wore this shirt so of course I had to pose with it.

Bubble Poof Euphoria

Fashion is something I've always loved... Here is some of the cutest I've seen in a long time! And you discover some of the most wonderful things on Instagram, right?! Animation is clearly where it's at... And here are some headlines ... Man Declares Himself “Transracial” because He Was Born WhiteBut Identifies as Filipino….I’m going to identify as whatever ethnicity isgetting the best benefits currently then reevaluate as I go After President Trump Put a Call In to China’s President onBehalf of UCLA Basketball Players Arrested for Shoplifting, Former NBA PlayerKenyon Martin Says It Is “His Obligation” to Get Americans That Break LawsOversees Out of Trouble 20,000 Muslims Burned a Village in Bangladesh Because of aFacebook Post That Insulted the Prophet Muhammad…Religion of Peace A New Anti-Trump Hotel Will Be Opening in Washington, D.C.,for Liberals Members of the Mile High Club Gave Tips On the Best Way toGet It On While in the Air WalletH

Developer Week In Austin

We all know technology is taking over in a big way, from how you conduct your life and soon, maybe your job. But there's no question, developers are in demand. In Austin this week, Developer Week is underway and it's all about how to get better connected in infinite ways. I spoke with a gentleman from Amazon who told me about what it's like to work for a  leader on online retail. So many speakers, as the greatest minds share what they know with new developer. It's a refreshing industry to be a part of... and quite competitive. The UT Hackathoners! I'm attending as many panels as possible... which brings me to this one: About Branding... Ease of use, consistent delivery of expectation, and emotional connection, understanding your audience as perception buyers, positioning servers for enterprise AI in a commodity market as pieces that are important to the buyer. balance pieces of utility and brand for the buyer.... Utility, Christian Goy

PODCAST: Astros Win World Series

Finally! The Astros have earned history and a World Series championship title for Houston, Texas for the first time in franchise history. I was in class when the game began but took my lucky 7 Craig Biggio jersey to put on when the game began. After class, I rushed to a spot where I watched another winning game, and talked with so many people who had a LOT to share about what it means for the city after Harvey, and so much more! So this is sound from people who were watching the game... and as things started getting even more exciting about the win, I kept hearing from more people. After the win, I went by a local Academy to get reaction from fans outside in line... It's uncut so just let it roll! Listen in! Enjoah!

Giant elliptical floating mirror - Only in Paris

My fascination today is the ‘Pebble’ - a gigantic elliptical  mirror  floating inside the Grand Palais in  Paris .

The new owner of the Houston Rocket ... IS

The Houston Rockets Official statement about the sale of the team to local billionaire Tilman Fertitta: HOUSTON – The Houston Rockets today announced that a definitive agreement has been signed for the purchase of the NBA franchise by Houston businessman Tilman J. Fertitta, sole owner of the Landry’s restaurant empire and Golden Nugget Casinos and Hotels. The transaction, which includes operation of the Toyota Center Arena, requires the approval of the NBA Board of Governors. Terms of the sale were not disclosed, and Mr. Fertitta has no other partners in connection with the transaction.   This process started back in July, and it is truly unfortunate that this announcement is occurring amidst the aftermath of one of the biggest tragedies in the history of our great City.   “I am truly honored to have been chosen as the next owner of the Houston Rockets.  This is a life-long dream come true,” said Fertitta, a native of Galveston and life-long resident of the Houston area.  "Les

POLL: Should we keep the curfew in Houston? "Curf-YOU!!"

The curfews issued around many local parts of Harris County and down under is just pissing off so many of you. Especially those in Houston who aren't seeing flood waters anymore with a pesky case of cabin fever. The mayor of Houston, Sylvestor Turner said he'd rethink it Monday... BUT YOU DECIDE... I TWEET THE CITY IN MY POLL BELOW!! My buddy Tim is even threatening to break up with businesses that follow curfew rules...So if you see him, give this beast a steak! Some don't even know when to be home so folks like Bobby at Dean's on social media are helping their SM neighbors... So what can happen if you're caught on the streets after curfew, or better yet, running your business? They mayor did say "it exempts flood relief volunteers, those seeking shelter, first responders, and those going to and from work." - Sooo does that mean... if you're technically seeking shelter at a restaurant, volunteering to eat where people are working, it

LIST: Good ol'boys with BOATS ready to rescue!

If you need a boat sent somewhere to rescue someone, anyone anywhere, extend this for a full list of guys with boats willing to pull folks out!

Ex-Cop Carries 9-1-1 In His Hand & Ain't Afraid To Use It

"Don't get your wig twisted! This is what the news is NOT showing you!" ... Mess with this shopping strip on Little York and this ex-law enforcement will "cut your ass in half!" See for yourself!

"No texting and driving" law goes into effect today

Put the cell phone down when you're behind the wheel or you could get be hit with a misdemeanor and fined between $25-$4,000 plus up to a year in jail, but a cop can't take your phone or even inspect it to see if you were in fact texting... Here's the full read: AN ACT relating to the use of a wireless communication device while operating a motor vehicle; creating a criminal offense; modifying existing criminal penalties.        BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF TEXAS:        SECTION 1.  This Act may be cited as the Alex Brown Memorial Act.        SECTION 2.  Sections 521.161(b) and (c), Transportation Code, are amended to read as follows:        (b)  The examination must include:              (1)  a test of the applicant's:                    (A)  vision;                    (B)  ability to identify and understand highway signs in English that regulate, warn, or direct traffic;                    (C)  knowledge of the traffic la