Friday, December 6, 2019

Houston Community College Presents "The Awakening" - Social Awareness Through Reconstruction

Houston Community College (HCC) is where I began my pursuit of higher education  back in the 1990's. It was the era of the Supermodel, high fashion, and drama. It was also at Houston Community College where I got my first email address. It was a Hotmail account. I still have it.

I also modeled in shows for the fashion department at HCC and we had so much fun! The theme for this type of this particular show was about using recyclable materials to create dramatic looks, not exactly emphasizing the concern for the earth and its sustainability. Back in the 1990's, pre-social media, environmental concerns weren't as severe, nor at the forefront of our mind, with proof of imagery, like today.

Jump ahead to 2019 and here we are. Social media has brought about an inundation of awareness, encouraging action among young people worldwide to save our planet.

Categories of tonight's event (above, below).

Now, the materials used to create fashion are the same, recyclable, paper, plastic and more. However, the theme of this particular show at HCC has evolved to "The Awakening," an important message of urgency, sounding an alarm to save our planet; a critical concern plaguing youth throughout the world.

Student designs were numbered and judged based on the following categories: 

For a list of the winners from tonight's judging, visit HCC's page for updates.

Here is a look at a video I made right after the show tonight.

Enjoy and thanks for watching!

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