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Artcrawl 2008, Houston, TX.

This is a very good day for me! For the first time, one of my videos made it into the HoustonPress online! It was filmed at Erie City Iron Works, Dakota Lofts Gallery, Beinville Furniture Co., The Docks, and Atomic Cafe. I produced the interviews and shot all of the footage for this video of Artcrawl 2008 that you're about to see. My friend Bill and I both edited the 40 minutes of video I compiled down to 9:12 minutes. It has everything from PILGRIMS who came out to enjoy the art, to graffiti and abstract pro-artists!!! Here's a link: Leave a comment! If you ever need anything for your event to post online, let me know! I have more of my videos online at Enjoy!

UPDATE: Hot 95.7 LIVE at Roxy Is Over

UPDATE: IT'S BACK! UPDATED 11/18/08: DJ Riddler of the world famous Booth Pimps and Dave Morales have aired their final LIVE broadcast from Roxy in Houston, TX. for CBS Radio. Their last hit was Friday, November 14, 2008. They played for a few months on Friday nights from 10p-2am. ROXY never has regained the garnered rep it had when it opened more than a decade ago. In my opinion, it never will. Nonetheless, DJ Riddler looked beyond the dancefloor to introduce the latest House music until the last intangible minute of airtime he had on 95.7. I know because I was there. He used his rare opportunity on Friday nights to introduce the latest house tracks he consistently brought straight from New York and across the world to Houston masses. He also shared his own remixes of today's pop queens. However, and only in Houston, would DJ Riddler's lifetime career in music and cultured New York talent be compromised. The compromise: being forced to play the tired, filthy rap tra