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Justin Bieber choke photo - Use permission

If you are being contacted by SPLASH about the use of my photo of Justin Bieber being "choked," - Justin Bieber choked by Post Malone (VIRAL ORIGINAL) - More @justinbieber #JustinBieber clĂ© ... Being um, "choked!" By @postmalone (Bieb's opening act) mmmK... UPDATE: This original photo by Rachel Estrada (HEIGHTSTONIAN) went viral on 4-13-16. Go to for the full story! A photo posted by HEIGHTSTONIAN (@heightstonian) on Apr 10, 2016 at 12:07am PDT and are not a client of SPLASH photo agency, contact me directly about use of my photo on your site or in your publication. My email address is: Thanks in advance, Rachel Estrada HEIGHTSTONIAN