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You Can't Look Away After the Death of George Floyd

The nation is glued to the site of crystal clear injustice. Overnight, fires and protest continued in demand of justice! So much disruption. Revolt. No charges though. Folks are angry over no charges being filed against the officer in the video with his neck of George Floyd... until he died on the street. So much clarity each time this happens. It has to stop. #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd. He was from Houston, there for work. Times are tough for every black man in America. A few days ago, we were covering folks stressed out from the pandemic and because they had to stay home. To wear or not to wear a mask was the issue. A concern about how schools will open was the central issue. Now - What coronavirus? Trump wrote an executive order against social media in a dispute with Twitter that fact-checked 2 tweets. Still no charges against Derek Chauvin at midnight on day three of protests after the death of George Floyd. 

610 "Topflop" Construction

Here are some random Friday night full moon thoughts.  Being stuck at home so long, I think we've heard it all so what's another wierd write up? Right? Who cares? Parents who've had to teach at home, my heart goes out to you. Women facing abuse every day, I pray for you. The desperate who turn to a life of crime to make ends meet. I'm aware and understand completely. With the internet up and over the top, we are completely fragmented. So, hence. Be it work.  Yet we're all aware of the same things. Politics and a pandemic made everyone FINALLY pay attention. Both are poisonous. The Election. Streaming. News. Life Hacks. Everyone's now LIVE. Clamoring to go viral. You know what that means now and for the future? Chasing cool is a competition where everyone wants to be an Olympian. We're all in this together. COVID-19. pandemic. Life is suddenly tagging and branding. Cooling and catfishing. Tik-Tok till you're ill. Scrolling past me is t