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Made New T-Shirts For You!

With all that's going on in the world, I was inspired to post a couple more T-shirts in my store. I'm a news lady, so that led my inspiration this morning.  Click here to purchase one.

"Rachel's Day Off" - A Series In A Day

I've been thinking about doing a web show for some time now, and decided to challenge myself to write, star in, direct and produce a few videos in ONE day! Incase you're wondering, I chose Vimeo because I can upload as a lot more in a week than youtube... at this point. In it, I visit The Market At Sawyer Yards . I also went to the 30th annual Art Car Parade . Then I stopped by Discovery Green to see if anything was going on and found a lot of anime kids  from Anime Matsuri . Finally, I headed south to Missouri City for a festival  to see what was going on. Enjoy this 4-part series of "Rachel's Day Off."  I'd love to know what you think! Exploring Sawyer Yards from Rachel Estrada on Vimeo . Art Car Parade from Rachel Estrada on Vimeo . Anime Kids Downtown from Rachel Estrada on Vimeo . I