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New music video!!

I know you've been waiting for MaxXandaux's new music video. I'm steadfast in post production, but it will be worth the wait, so hang in there. Meanwhile, here are a couple of trailers for the upcoming video screening this Sunday, which is also Mother's Day. Kiss your mom and drop in on your way home. The first... The second... Please come Sunday. I know it's Mother's Day but you have aaaalll day to hug and kiss mom before heading home. Stop by for a eyeful and then head home to prepare for your work week. I personally GO to events. I don't conduct them, so this is a BIG deal for me. I've invited many people I sincerely hope to see there. I hope you too can make it. A little background: This is a track in a string of songs MaxXandauX has created. The video these trailers are for is a second collaboration between HEIGHTSTONIAN and MaxXandauX, and I'm honored he chose me to direct, shoot and edit the video for "Possessed By the Beat.&qu

New fashion show!! I just LOVE'em!

This is Lila Rose! Happy springtime. Enjoiah!