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Houston Japanese Festival 2015 ... Lolitas, anime, and facial tattoos

#SweetLolita has been around since the 90's and is still pretty popular today.  Kids also love their #anime stylings ... And (record scratch) #facialtattoos. Yup. It's the new norm. Deal with it! The end.

The Gentrification Of Fashion - Banning Super Skinny Models

Fashion has always been the most fun indulgence for me. I love wearing it. I love going to shows. I love seeing it, in its most perfect form - on a model, a perfect model. A living coat hanger who walks into the room and changes it for the better, because when it's good, it's a marvelous mirage of beauty. Personally, I don't blame anorexia on fashion. I also don't like the #ImNoAngel campaign by Lane Bryant. It sends a bad message by way of the other extreme. No abs, no, tone, no thanks! And I'll tell you what! I am not paying $15 for a magazine full of non-super skinny models in Paris runway shows because that's not what I pay to see. I pay to see PERFECTION and total control, which is rare, and why I pay to see it on gorgeous pages. Men, for you to understand what I mean, let me take you there. Think about what it would mean for you to see big chics in porn, fat Playboy models, or older women in your Maxim magazine. You with me now? - Good! Now... A fe

Wishing You A Chocola-Tea Happy Easter

This was my Easter morning after realizing how much I miss the art of v ideo editin g. Half asleep. No makeup yet. No care for what you think of how I look frankly, so there.  Anyway, it's my attempt at chocolate tea in my tiny kitchen at 6a.m. before getting on with Easter festivities.  Enjoiah and Happy Easter ya'll!