Friday, July 15, 2016


Some headlines to start your day...

Today's big hashtags: #NiceAttack #PrayforNice

Trump calls Nice terror attack "Declaration of War"

WARNING/GRAPHIC: Nice attack eyewitnesses 

WATCH: Nice motorcyclist attempts to stop lorry 

Police shoot at truck during Nice attack:

RoboMallCop attack Cali kid:

Downtown Dallas lit with French flag after attack:

France warns Brazil Olympic officials about possible attack

Trump postpones announcement of VP (Mike Pence) after Nice attack

Orlando nightclub Pulse break-in 

Ways to stay safe playing #PokemonGo

Backburnered for now... #BlackLivesMatter

Would you eat a 3,540 sundae that weighs 2 pounds? Here's a look:

Aaaaand check your stores today for the newest Blue Bell ice cream flavor!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Houston PRIDE Honors Orlando, Speaks Out

This Saturday, 6/25/16 is our annual PRIDE celebration, (wish it were still in Montrose) where the parade and festivities will be along with more patrol on site to make sure everyone's safe.

On 6/12/16, Houston's LGBTQ Community stood together in Hermann Park to honor the victims in Orlando. Please listen to the very end and share my podcast below. Blast it in your car and let everyone know, we support our precious Alphabet community. #AllLivesMatter

Photo by HEIGHTSTONIAN, 6/12/16, 9p.m.

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Monday, May 9, 2016

Justin Bieber choke photo - Use permission

If you are being contacted by SPLASH about the use of my photo of Justin Bieber being "choked," -

and are not a client of SPLASH photo agency, contact me directly about use of my photo on your site or in your publication.

My email address is:

Thanks in advance,
Rachel Estrada