Tuesday, November 13, 2018

VIDEO: Still doing news at KTRH

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

LIVE with Rachel Estrada in the KTRH Newsroom

Here are a couple of examples from: 
LIVE with Rachel Estrada in the KTRH newsroom #Robot #strippers, I have that video on Connected. They're at the Consumer Electronics Show. LIVE: Morning reporter Cliff Saunders gives the male perspective about robot strippers. It's also National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. Dems are gearing up for the local state primaries. Valentine's Day, relationship tips and more!

& Yesterday...
LIVE with Rachel Estrada in the KTRH newsroom: http://bit.ly/2z9sL6R Trump Tower fire, your chance at a selfy with the Houston Astros World Series trophy, Golden Globes, more flu deaths, UPDATE: that missing was just found safe and more!

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Houston's Liza Koshy is youtube's BIGGEST Star

If you don't know Liza Koshy, you should! She's known for so many things, it's dangerous!

I can also say, I don't watch TV anymore because of entertainers like her. She's from my hometown of Houston, Texas and loves Beyonce... wait. We all do. But now SHE'S in VOGUE! You go girl!

She is 4 years in and calls this video for VOGUE her biggest achievement. I won't disagree, but she's done some fun work! Subscribe and see for yourself.

My friend Ezra Miller as "The Flash" Hits Theaters in "Justice League" Today

I asked Ezra Miller about "Justice League" when I met him in 2016... which seems like so long ago, but the time I spent with him and his band, Sons of an Illustrious Father was so special. Super fun!

Sons of an Illustrious Father (above), photographed by HEIGHTSTONIAN

Today, I couldn't be more excited about seeing "Justice League" in theaters, in 3D, which will clearly blow my mind. I don't often see movies in 3D but will today.

I've see all the promos and interviews...

and the one in which "Extra" called Ezra the "lead." See how he responded to that below at 1:14 ...

Ezra also said he also go to improvise for many of his scenes, which I can't wait to see because he's so smart, fun, and armed with lightning wit.

OH! And this interview where he talks about his "Interview" with Erika Badu for the magazine's cover story...
Image result for ezra miller interview magazine

Of course, I have my ticket! Check out "Justice League." It opens in theaters today!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

HEIGHTSTONIAN UPCLOSE with the Houston Astros World Series trophy

A LOT of excitement at the iHeartMedia studios today! That's where I work very early mornings and in the 7 years I've been here, this is one of the most special days ever. The Houston Astros World Series trophy came by, swaddled in a Tiffany & Co. blanket.

Unveiled in the arms of SportsTalk 790's Matt Thomas, Thomas headed in to the studio to interview Houston Astros manager Reid Ryan on-air and I got to be inside the studio to get all the close-ups JUST FOR YOU because I too, as a native Houstonian, know what this means for our city. 

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Of course I wore my lucky Biggio shirt. They won ONLY when I wore this shirt so of course I had to pose with it.

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