Friday, November 15, 2019

Kanye Is Coming To Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church Sunday

It's all anyone is talking about today. Everyone I've spoken to, suddenly wants to go to church Sunday.

Not just any church though. Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church, to see what Kanye West will say or do. The star is expected to take part in this Sunday Worship Service, in what's being described as a "Special interview with Kanye West at the 11amhat he'll do this Sunday morning at 11a.m. He'll also participate in the "Jesus Is King - Sunday Experience" at 7p.m..

Before all that, West is expected to go to jail in Houston.

Monday, the question will be, "were you there?"

The more folks hear about it on the radio, where radio stations are giving away free tickets, word is spreading even more. The  may be a bit of organized chaos, a frenzy to see the popular star at the former Summit.

Just know that if you go, expect traffic backup where folks have two chances to see Kanye at two different services. If you're lucky enough to have a free ticket, it certainly may be worth something this Sunday. Not sure what to expect?

Here's a look at a couple of Sunday appearances by Kanye, in both Atlanta and Chicago.

Are you going? What do you think of the two forces teaming up?

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