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HEADLINES: DACA ruling, 5015 was arson, Texas COVID-19 numbers JUMP!

A few big headlines today... DACA gets to stay in place for now after today's Supreme Court ruling. HISD wants to know what you think of their back to regular school year schedule? ... During a pandemic. Take this survey for parents . Texas COVID-19 cases jump a record 3,516 to almost 100,000 total statewide.  HFD says arson played a role in the 5015 Bar explosion from June 12th. PHOTOS I'll be trying the new tangy pickle flavored Doritos. Look'em up! If you're in the Heights and want to support neighborhood restaurants that are making a difference, here's one opportunity... Mastrantos Team Humbled To Serve Thousands of Meals to Houston Heights Seniors through World Central Kitchen #ChefsForAmerica Initiative HOUSTON - June 10, 2020 - By the end of this week, Mastrantos restaurant in the Heights will have prepared, packaged and delivered over 2,000 nutritious meals to neighbors residing at Heights House Apartments, a senior low income housing ap

World Clique Come Together

What is acceptable and unacceptable today?  Being black is ___. Being from another country is ____. Being gay is ____. Being a migrant is ____. Having tattoos is ______. Having blue hair is _____. Being an officer is _____. Being stuck in a bad marriage is ______. Being killed by an officer is _____, Wearing a mask is _____. Not wearing a mask is ___. Being political is ______. Being sick is _____. Who said you get to decide? After all I've seen - I've also seen more support for  Black Owned Businesses  than I have in some time. More support for officers too. Support for victims of domestic violence. That spiked during the stay-at-home order. 8:46 Seconds. We can't forget George Floyd. His brother spoke on Capital Hill all day Friday. That night, Rayshard Brooks died at the hands of police in Atlanta. He was shot in the back. This social unrest has existed for centuries and we still can't make it right?! I believe Dave Chapelle sai