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HEIGHTSTONIAN now has a new store online ... I will continue to add new things with the intention of giving back. I'm using my photography of things I see around Houston and of course the Greater Heights of Houston, of which I am a true native Heightstonian, born at Heights Hospital, when it existed. I hope to explore more to include a greater variety of images that will inspire everyone to achieve greater heights. - Like that? HA! I chose this particular site because it allows me to pick a cause to raise money for. So, a portion of the proceeds made from each sale will go to a variety of cancer causes. Being a breast cancer survivor, it's a cause that I will continue to fight for in hopes of finding a cure, a miracle for so many, especially children.  Here are a few of the onsies I'm featuring with my photography... A variety of tight diamond shapes I shot at night, that kept changing colors. It worked! Fancy, right??!  At this time, I only have a few t