Monday, March 20, 2017


HEIGHTSTONIAN now has a new store online... I will continue to add new things with the intention of giving back. I'm using my photography of things I see around Houston and of course the Greater Heights of Houston, of which I am a true native Heightstonian, born at Heights Hospital, when it existed. I hope to explore more to include a greater variety of images that will inspire everyone to achieve greater heights. - Like that? HA!

I chose this particular site because it allows me to pick a cause to raise money for. So, a portion of the proceeds made from each sale will go to a variety of cancer causes. Being a breast cancer survivor, it's a cause that I will continue to fight for in hopes of finding a cure, a miracle for so many, especially children. 

Here are a few of the onsies I'm featuring with my photography... A variety of tight diamond shapes I shot at night, that kept changing colors. It worked! Fancy, right??! 

At this time, I only have a few things up and am still getting used to the new system, but I offer even these cuties in a variety of colors. This week, I'll keep adding more for you and your family, to share with loved ones everywhere. 

I would love to walk around one day and notice someone wearing something featuring my photography. If it does well, I'll keep doing it. Right now, this store features designs that are dedicated to my ever-changing neighborhood and the new lives taking part of it becoming greater.

More of these fantastic images in full coverage print designs are coming soon!! Enjoy the store, and follow it for updates.

Thanks for shopping HEIGHTSTONIAN!

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