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Houston Fashion Week 2010. Day 1

Fashion Houston 2010 featuring Cesar Galindo, Spring 2011 collection. I was there all week and shot all shows so there is much more to come!!! Lyn Devon Spring 2011 came to Houston for Fashion Houston 2010, presented by Audi. She was the second to present her collection on Day 1. I was there all week and shot all shows so there is much more to come!!!

Sheryl Crow in Houston TONIGHT

If you are at the Sheryl Crow concert in the Woodlands tonight, then we each have an invitation to her next stop in Austin, by Crow herself. During "Are You Strong Enough To Be My Man," she said, well sang, about a vacant bunk on her tour bus that's open to another welcome party & I believe her. She's on the road, performing hits from her current album "100 Miles from Memphis." She's single, & a true talent, so I believe if she wants company, she'll get it. Tonight, she covered Terrence Trent Darby's "Sign Your Name", which was a miss. Her better cover is the Michael Jackson hit "I Want You Back." Her voice actually sounded more like an impersonation of Jackson, but a respectable tribute nonetheless. Crow, not to be mistaken for some cover girl is forging ahead after some difficult intervals in her life. After being struck by a big break up with world's most famous cyclist and health problems, also currently behind

Houston is NOT boring because...

A few blocks away from my place, what used to be the old Rollin Salloon, is back open, with new ownership. The Railyard had a busy soft opening this weekend with no signage whatsoever. Later today, they will be integrating their new visual entertainment elements for a polished & updated version of sports bar atmosphere the Rollin once offered. This week, they expect to be on the ball with sports line ups. I met Dana, a local resident, among the low key area high rollers from River Oaks, Westheimer Oaks, Galleria and "Uptowneers." We are both pleased with the outcome and expressed our approval to the men in charge. Word has it, a mexican restaurant is expected to open in the same renovated shopping strip, from which Railyard will market selected tasty bites. Stop in and say hello to the new men in charge, Trey, Clinton and their bartender Tony. I also stopped by Avant Garden to see yet another (quite consistent, hence, intriguing) Shina Rae fashion show production an

Summer Fest 2010 and more...

Summer Fest 2010 Houston has embarked on something new thanks to the talent of Houston and people who stand behind it. Summer Fest means hope for those who miss the spirit of the original Westheimer Arts Festival. It’s a stretch to compare it to Woodstock, but the parallels of painted people and mud dancing around getting high, WITH permission still stand. This along local budding talent tells me, as a native Heightstonian, that Summer Fest has the potential to be better each year. Supporters like Wayne Coyne, lead singer of headliner, The Flaming Lips and the thousands in attendance applauded his hope for the future of Summer Fest. “I hope Summer Fest goes on for 100 years,” Coyne said during their set. The Flaming Lips were nothing short of spectacular. They brought all their toys including the slide, bubble for Wayne to surf the crowd, the gong, the hands, his strobe necklace, the camera mic, and of course the bear (who’s also half man), who didn’t mind giving Wayne a piggy

HEIGHTSTONIAN presents MaxXandaux in "Violet Velvet"

This is MaxXandaux , in "Violet Velvet," a Farren Amani Remix. This official video release is the second collaboration between HEIGHTSTONIAN and singer/songwriter/performer, MaxXandaux. The first collaboration between the two artists was in May 2009, with a 52minute documentary entitled "MaxXandaux May." "Violet Velvet" remix by Farren Amani was shot on 3-11-10 on location in Houston, TX. at the home of a personal friend of MaxXandaux, with a promotional version completed by 3-23-10 in time to promote at the Winter Music Conference in Miami-South Beach, FL 2010 where HEIGHTSTONIAN handed copies to Wil.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas , Songwriter/DJ Calvin Harris & BBC Radio talk show host Annie Mac . Special appearances in "Violet Velvet," a Farren Amani Remix inlcude video stars Kyla Moreno & introducing Conrad Hernandez. Makeup for MaxXandaux by Kyla Moreno. Hair for MaxXandaux was Suleiman Telfah. Costume design by Tony Rio. Wardrobe styl

Chloe Dao's Achieves Lithe in "Lightness"

Image brings to you online, another Chloe Dao original fashion show presentation. Dao's "Lightness" 2010 Spring Fashion Show was held on April 17, 2010 at Warehouse Live , benefiting the Fairy Godmother Project . A packed house of just under 1,500 were in attendance to see Dao's light and lovely latest which included an array of lightened pastels. All looks were dresses of every length. Most were fun and flirty with light colors like baby yellows and barely blues, until the line transformed to the absent hue and design made for matrimony in her final piece. All gorgeous, wearable and available at Lot8! After the show, Dao and her sister Sydney, who directed the event, came out to oblige attendees, who included friends, fans and a few local TV personalities, with photos and other fun moments. Presentation tracks include Sleigh Bells w' "Infinity Guitars;" Fol Chen w' "Cable TV;" Moby w' "Wait For Me;" &am

PREVIEW MaxXandaux's video by HEIGHTSTONIAN presents a PREVIEW of a Madstarwonder production, starring MaxXandaux and introducing CONRAD. This is a sneak peek at "Violet Velvet," a remix by Farren Amani. Find MaxXandaux on Keep checking back for the full release out soon. Enjoiah!

Victoria Beckham "favors" HEIGHTSTONIAN?

How's this for a strange discovery? I know it's 2am, but am I seeing things or did Victoria Beckham ACTUALLY choose my Chloe Dao fashion show video as one of her " Favorites "...? AND if so, can I put her on my list of references for liking my work??!?! I shoot and edit video that Victoria Beckham actually likes! I also love fashion just as much as she does. Speaking of which... Chloe Dao is having a fashion show here in Houston this Saturday night. HEIGHTSTONIAN will be definitely be there. Do you have your ticket!??! Hope so!

HEIGHTSTONIAN Sees Stars and Survives WMC

Over the weekend, I managed to get my work into the hands of real industry entertainers during my inaugural excursion to the annual Winter Music Conference in Miami, Florida. The first music video I have altogether directed, shot and edited, is in the hands of Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas , DJ/vocalist Calvin Harris and BBC radio show host & DJ Annie Mac for initial review prior to release anywhere. This is a very humbling surprise overall, considering I never expected to get that close to any of these huge talents during my first trip to WMC. During my trip, I encounter Will.I.Am for the second time in one month. This time, it's at the One Night Only party in Miami, FL, Friday, March 26th. I reminded him of our initial introduction earlier this month outside Rich's , which he recalled. I then politely asked him if he take a look at my first music video and let me know what he thought. He nodded yes. I handed him my DVD and like clockwork, security came over to skeda


That's RIGHT! I met Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas, just outside of Rich's, as I was leaving at 3a.m. this morning. Earlier yesterday evening, the B.E.P. played the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. He was just leaving after finishing an amazing super high energy set of his own music, some Calvin Harris, and other greats for 2.5 hours and had just jumped offstage to leave. A small crowd started forming there on San Jacinto as I too, exited the building. I was waiting for Anita to exit behind me as Will.I.Am turned in my direction just two feet away. Assuming eye-contact, though he was still wearing his sunglasses, I said "I'm Rachel," & extended my hand. Very politely composed, he didn't respond verbally, but extended his hand and shook mine with an almost shy look bearing a question he didn't ask. I think he thought I wanted an autograph. I would have taken one! Wil.I.Am was courteous, surprisingly approachable. I broke our silence as we looked at e