Friday, June 26, 2015

SCOTUS Approves Same Sex Marriage Nationwide

Gay marriage is now a Constitutional right in America today. So many thoughts and reactions are circulating across the web over today's 5-4 ruling, but one stands out the most. #LoveIsLove.
Today, Texas Gov. Abbott opposed the ruling, but it doesn't matter because the Harris County Attorney has now issued a letter to the Harris County Clerk, requiring he is to "immediately begin issuing marriage licenses to all qualified applicants without regard to gender."

Tomorrow, PRIDE parades across the country will celebrate the new law of the land and Houston of course  will also celebrate #MarriageEquality in the most well timed decision imaginable in American recent history. The beloved parade will be downtown this year, having been ripped from it's home, Houston's infamous Montrose (which isn't the same anymore but we won't get into that today though because it's a time to celebrate, so now, to focus). I figure, as long as our gay community has a proper platform to celebrate PRIDE, citizens can have the grace to be tolerant of the city's decision and respectfully carry on.

A HUGE highlight of Houston's Pride Parade I'm proud to mention is a friend of mine who is performing in the festivities. She is Gin Martini, the winner of Pride Superstar 2015 and will top off Pride Week with mega performances for Houston. Here's more from her!

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