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VIDEO: ArtCrawl Houston 2019

Artcrawl Houston is something I always look forward to, but don't always get to attend. This year was its 27th anniversary, and included over 150 artists throughout many of Houston's original warehouses. I visited a few old haunts that have since been renovated and are now occupied by even moooore talented artists I've never met before. The neon, black light exhibit by Ronald Llewellyn Jones was something I'd heard about prior to attending, so I had fun checking that out. What I gathered from Jones' exhibit is, in his words (see video above), "the best installation he's done thus far." ArtCrawl Houston was awesome overall. I have to say, I saw more tattoo parlors on the radar and little to no glass sculpture or metal works. More paint and photography and small business ideas like elegant place setting options for events, that were beautiful. Here's a look some of what I saw. Enjoy and thanks for watching.   ~ HEIGHTSTONIAN

50% Of Americans To Ditch Diets Over The Holidays

Are you eating salads this week so you can stack your plate with Thanksgiving dinner with aaaaAAAAAAll the trimmings next week? You're not alone. With holidays fast approaching, those with a bad ticker are especially vulnerable during this time of the year. Who can help themselves, right? I don't blame you for falling off the wagon. Just don't give up. What I do is incorporate more salad into my diet over the weeks leading up to the big days. The second annual "Writing Off the End of the Year" survey , reportedly found that nearly half of Americans will ditch diets, claiming it's too difficult to maintain one during the season. Is it? What's tempting us? Cookies? I don't buy a lot of cookies throughout the year to begin with. Pies? OOoooh I make a mean key lime flan, but only on occasion. Even then, I share it with those I love. How about cakes? Aaah, I LOVE cake. Did you see the Astros cake I made ? 5 layers with yogurt butter cream

POLL: You May Pay More For Your Christmas Tree This Year

Everything costs more these days with no breaks in sight... except for Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. In recent years, we've had a turkey shortage and this year is no different . Now, you may have to digger deeper to purchase a Christmas tree. That's because some experts are predict a " tight supply " of Christmas trees because of the heat, heavy rains in some parts and not others. Researchers have been blaming shortages for at least a couple of years now, on the 2008 recession . The 2008 recession caused farmers not to plant as many trees that would be coming to harvest this year. That's because dry summers in 2017 and 2018 hurt tree supplies in big suppliers in Oregon and North Carolina. Some rain is good, but torrential rains ruined trees in Missouri. You'd better purchase it soon, because this tight supply could cause the prices of Christmas trees to go up in some parts of the country. If you're wondering whether prices for Christmas trees in

Biden Needs Proof About Legalizing Cannabis Nationwide

Former Vice-President under the Barack Obama Administration, and current Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, isn't on board with most of America when it comes to legalizing marijuana. Many others who would also like to become POTUS, are. So why not this White House hopeful? Over the weekend in a Las Vegas town hall, Biden said he needs more proof about marijuana, and "whether or not it is a gateway drug." He wants to know "a lot more about the science behind it" before deciding to legalize cannabis nationwide. In the past, Biden has said he wants to leave legalization to individual states to decide. He has also spoken out against criminal penalties for marijuana possession. Do you think marijuana will eventually be legalized nationwide?  Pros? Cons?

Bad Driver Almost Hit Me, Then Threatened To Hit My Vehicle

A young man in a black Cadillac almost hit me today. I'm writing because he was veering into my lane, perhaps not realizing it, and when I honked my horn, then looked at him, he looked up from his phone, and looked at me like I was the one who did something wrong. THEN! He quickly VEERED INTO MY LANE PURPOSELY, in a threatening approach to hit my vehicle. He was holding his phone, the entire time, clearly distracted. Now, I know exactly what he looks like. Young man, if you read this, (because HEIGHTSTONIAN is on the back of my car), I will pray for you and that you don't cause an accident in that pretty black Cadillac of yours. Drive safely folks and remember you share the road with folks who have jobs, families, who are not looking for trouble, nor to cause it.

Kanye Is Coming To Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church Sunday

It's all anyone is talking about today. Everyone I've spoken to, suddenly wants to go to church Sunday. Not just any church though.  Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church , to see what Kanye West  will say or do. The star is expected to take part in this Sunday Worship Service, in what's being described as a "Special interview with Kanye West at the 11amhat he'll do this Sunday morning at 11a.m. He'll also participate in the "Jesus Is King - Sunday Experience" at 7p.m.. Before all that, West is expected to go to jail in Houston. Monday, the question will be, "were you there?" The more folks hear about it on the radio, where radio stations are giving away free tickets, word is spreading even more. The  may be a bit of organized chaos, a frenzy to see the popular star at the former Summit. Just know that if you go, expect traffic backup where folks have two chances to see Kanye at two different services. If you're lucky enough to ha

Slow Websites To Be Web Shamed By Google

Most folks have heard of the walk of shame.... Imagine wearing that badge of shame on a global scale. Google announced they're experimenting with labeling websites that load fast or slow with some sort of badge - even FLAGGING them, according to The Verge,  which also loads slowly when we clicked their link. Turns out most people's 'source of search' is looking into at how to help you see which sites load slowly based on your own hardware or network. Even if your have an advanced company, Google's experimental badge system will "sound like a simple Nintendo power bar." According to new reports, once you enter a site, there will be a bar that indicates "green" if it loads at a good pace or "red" if Google thinks you're going to be waiting a while to see the content. Which websites frustrate you with their slow-loading speeds? Let us know in the comments! Tips for speeding up your website!  Yes we Google'd it. Good lu

COLD? You're Not Alone As Arctic Blast Felt Throughout The Nation

Many areas across America will be dealing with an arctic blast of cold weather for the next few days. Below-average temperatures are already gripping the upper Midwest through Texas. Houston alone will get temperatures as low as 32 overnight. The cold snap will continue to move into New England and stretch down to parts of Florida on Wednesday. AccuWeather says between now and Thursday, 200 million Americans will deal with chilly temperatures. Stay warm. How do you plan to deal with the cold snap in your area?