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POLL: Houston's Next Mission... Preventing Floods?

Experts say  gentrification is a major contributor of floods in Houston . It's grown a lot since Ike in 2008 and Alison in 2001. Now it took NPR and other foreign press to shed light on Houston's real problem behind flooding. It's true, every time it rains, we panic because we flood. The city is flat. We can't help the natural landscape within this part of Texas. The infrastructure... well, local resources are working diligently to bring that up to date, but whoever thought it was a good idea to allow so much of Houston to be bought up and built up without so much as a cut for flood prevention or funding to update an " obsolete draining grid " for this giant overpopulated city, ridiculous and astounding. Here are the current numbers on Harvey: Of course were are all there for each other, to help recover, but what about pulling together for a cause geared toward flood prevention in our city? I know plenty of people I know hate that Houston's been

Bye Harvey

I finally have a moment to breathe and write a little here on my blog... I've been working in the newsroom at KTRH for days on end, not doing any coverage on a personal level because I was busy getting information out to the masses. I finally got out to do some video of what I could for my station... I was also curious about the opening of Lakewood Church after they received a huge amount of criticism for not opening its doors, so when they did, I took a look around... LIVE on Facebook. At 29K views, seems I wasn't the only curious one...  I did so much for endless hours to rush information to the airwaves and make sure we had the most up to date information on our website, that I didn't have time to even tell many friends and family I was alright until they reached out to see if I was ok. So many arrived in shelters over the last couple of days, with no home to go back to, cold, wet, and not knowing where their next step in life would lead them. But what peop

RIP Heather Heyer

I don't ordinarily cover politics but when Heather Heyer was killed in Charlottesville Saturday... my heart sank. Here, her mother explains about her daughter's passion for justice and equality. Heather's father describes when he heard the news about his daughter... Raw video of the car that plowed in to the rally Heather attended... Why? VICE was on the front lines to find out...  After Heather died, many spoke out on her behalf and on behalf of everyone suffering from inequality in America today... But is this really a surprise ... Apparently Hillary tried to warn us After the terror attack in Charlottesville, the nation waited for our President to speak out condemning those responsible for this brutal terror attack... and that's what it was. A terror attack. But, what he said was this: But I think our late night show hosts said it best, unscripted and from the heart... The nation expected more from our President, and it

So much trending us by ...

If you're just scrolling through life you're missing A LOT! Who cares what your "friends" are up to when there are so many new things going on in the world?! Like the Wefie ... a new 360 degree camera for selfies... Never heard of it? Well it's been around since 2015.   Photo linked to Wefie Ooor trying to market your brand or ... whatever you have going on? Then travel and stay at hostels... Yes, I said hostels, but what I meant was a high design hostel like this one right here in Austin, Texas. Photo linked to ... you guessed it! Also the bathroom selfie is back! And your firey bathroom selfie will be amazing! IF, you do it the right way. Photo linked to hypebae Plus, would you eat something called "Uglies?" ... They've been out since January 2017. Well if you love potato chips, you could be into Uglies. They're made from rejected potatoes, but how bad could that be?! So, scroll away but remember that, "life moves, p