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Winter Wonderland By War'Hous, A Delightful Tribute to Fashion Houston

Dandee Warhol of War'Hous Visual Studios  and his factory of pros put on Winter Wonderland 11-11-12... An unofficial kick-off of Fashion Houston 2013 , celebrating music, art and fashion.  Music by Disco Daddies , a fashion music great. Gotta say, this guy keeps it sexy... tough to do.  Not sure if any of the officials from FW showed, but this was quite fantastic. Officially.  It reminded me of a runway show at the Austin Music Hall I took my country cousin to once.  Only then, the models smoked on the runway.  Enjoiah! If you like a pic, link love HEIGHTSTONIAN .  Thanks.  Rachel 

3rd Annual Fashion Houston Kicks Off

My schedule does not permit me to attend this year... Nor the free time I once dedicated to editing... ah the sacrifices of real life. Nonetheless, here ARE the 2012 Fashion Houston shows I could find online, of these same shows, shown round the world before hitting Houston. Day 1 First up...  Georges Chakra  NEXT! Black Halo, Laurel Berman Fall 2012 Spring 2013 NEXT! Maison Rabih Kayrouz Here is the show in Paris... Part 1 Part 2 NEXT UP! I hope all is well with the shows. New leadership is in place that should make for even more flawless productions. I may still make it. We'll see. It's only Day 1 . Goodnight Houston, Fashion Houston and you big'ol world!