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LIVE LOOK: Tanker Truck Blocks Heights Intersection

City of Houston authorities are responding to the intersection of West 6th and Rutland where a tanker truck has overturned.  Typically, you don't have tanker trucks moving through the Heights because it's not an industrial area. Especially the West side of Heights.  Channel 11 is over the scene where HFD HAZMAT is scene. working the scene to clear chemicals and/or any spill in the area. Folks are being asked to find an alternate route till the tanker is cleared of spills and the tanker truck. In new video posted online, police are scene blocking intersections at 6th and Yale. Here's a LIVE look from the sky. 

VIDEO: The Fastest Ford In the World Debuts In Texas

This is the coolest thing you'll see all day! I love fast cars. I'm a " lead-foot ," which is why I drive a four-cylinder that doesn't go fast at all. But THIS! This would be exhilarating to drive. Perhaps even scary, because it's so super amazing! A couple of guys with M2K Motorsports suped up a 2006 ford GT and now ... out the gate, it's hits 161 m.p.h at just 1/4 mile. 293 m.p.h. at 1 mile. They tested it in Victoria, Texas and WOW! I have your first look at it in action!