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HEIGHTSTONIAN ends "MaxXandauX may" series TONIGHT!

***12-5-11 UPDATE: See Parts 5 & 6 of the debut documentary by Rachel Estrada, entitled "MaxXandauX may." I've been screening it during the monthly movie night  at Avant Garden,  hosted by Mike James since  Monday, October 24, 2011.  In this final stretch of the series, see MaxXandauX engage his "Engorged Glitterii" in back to back p erformances as they came together one Sunday in May 2009, including  MaxXandauX's performance at Mango's, in front of a group of senior citizens. That, and an impromptu gig I personally booked at LaStrada's Sunday Funday for MaxXandauX that same afternoon. This exclusive footage of r ehearsals, make-up and all the friends and fun in between, gives you, the viewer, the fan, and the friend, an inside look at MaxXandauX's love of what he does & his beauty within the performance. To see it all come together in this final stretch of "MaxXandaux may," be at Avant Garden tonight at 9:30pm. Run time: 20m. 

HEIGHTSTONIAN presents Celebrating the Career of Kay King

HEIGHTSTONIAN presents The Career of Kay King. This spectacular evening featured a reception and unique fashion retrospective celebrating the Fashionably Fabulous Career of Kay King. Many people from the Houston fashion community came together to celebrate King's stylish journey, complete with models outfitted in King's own creations. Here is a recent writeup of King by Houston Woman Magazine . Proceeds of the event benefit fashion, interior design, and beauty industry scholarships through The Fashion Group International, Inc. of Houston and the Kay King Scholarship at Houston Community College.


This year, I brought Tony Rio to take photos of FASHION HOUSTON 2011. He captured some fun arrivals  and pieces from Spring/Summer 2012, which will be here before you know it, so take note! If you were there, you don't need me to identify "Who's Who." If you didn't go, there's always next year, so see you then. Enjoiah!!