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VIDEO: Still doing news at KTRH

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LIVE with Rachel Estrada in the KTRH Newsroom

Here are a couple of examples from:  Today...  LIVE with Rachel Estrada in the KTRH newsroom  # Robot   # strippers , I have that video on Connected. They're at the Consumer Electronics Show. LIVE: Morning reporter  Cliff Saunders  gives the male perspective about robot strippers. It's also National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. Dems are gearing up for the local state primaries. Valentine's Day, relationship tips and more! & Yesterday... UPDATE 8:31 MISSING REPORTER FOUND SAFE LIVE with  Rachel Estrada  in the KTRH newsroom:  Trump Tower fire, your chance at a selfy with the  Houston Astros  World Series trophy, Golden Globes, more flu deaths, UPDATE: that missing was just found safe and more! I'm doing LIVE news weekday mornings.  Follow me here or here for updates.  Thanks for the support!