Thursday, September 19, 2019

First Imelda Death Reported As Houston Hit With Up To Four Feet Of Rain

First and foremost, here is a link for flood gauges in Harris County. 

Once again, Houston takes center stage in headlines but it's something we've seen before and now it's reportedly worse than Harvey.

One family is faced with the worst possible news.

Over in east Texas, in Jefferson County, a statement from the family of a man named Hunter Morrison, who was trying to get a horse to safety, was electrocuted and drowned in the storm. He is the first reported Imelda storm related death.

It's been 2 years since Harvey in Houston Texas and now, Imelda. For three days, I have stayed put, like a cat by the window because I know better. I've worked in news since 2002 and knew how severe this was going to be. So many rain bands. So many aren't keeping track, but should when kids are involved.

All local parents are being advised to check with your school district via social media or alerts to find out if your kids should go to school tomorrow, even next week as more damage is revealed. 

First responders have done the best job. Too bad they're having trouble with City Hall.

METRO has suspended service today, but they will make sure you get home after water recedes. 

If your car is stranded, go to this link to find out where it is.

There have been 3K 9-1-1 calls made since midnight according to local officials. 

Also, no playing in this nasty water. There are a lot of submerged hazards and chemicals in it. 

According to officials, Memorial Hospital east has flooding. 

Evening dockets at court has been canceled, but open at 8AM Friday morning. 

If you know anyone who needs to be rescued, contact 9-1-1, unless you're already in a safe spot to wait it out. 

If you need shelter, or know someone in need, here's a link to monitor.

If you're looking for immediate driving conditions and weather, I always go to this link, which seems bogged down during this time, so keep refreshing.

Tolls are being waived in some areas, so be careful.

The good news is: the rain is over. However, authorities say the water will be receding very slowly. 

That's all folks! ... For now.

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