Friday, May 1, 2009

Think you know how to dance?!?!

Want to know what I'm doing these days? I'm at Sonia's World of Dance every last Sunday of the month where some of the best Houston Salsa converge. Admission is $3! See the video for what you too can experience! I'll see you there, partly because it's my job to participate... LITERALLY! I'm not only a photographer, videographer, editor, director, and publicist. I'm also a ballroom dance instructor in a number of latin and ballroom styles. Want to know how to dance? Just ask!

HEIGHTSTONIAN directs second rap video

HEIGHTSTONIAN has directed a second rap video! Marvin Suggs, KING of is the best to work with to make these! Marvin incorporated everything I directed and also shot. I am so proud of the outcome! I learned a lot of interesting things on this shoot! It's authentic! We included downlow angles, close-ups, turning sequences, and a theme of friendship, which I thought was important. Being I have a modeling background, I demonstrated sexy, not sleazy and the girls really brought it. We have another shoot in June! Will post that as well. Until then, Enjoy!

NASA determines the perfect length of a nap to keep from begin groggy or WORSE

The folks at NASA have come up with some very important research about sleep. N ASA conducted a study to determine how long our NAPS should ...