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Big headlines of the day

The worst selfie... EVER! The most common way you ... I mean people get dumped Why JLo is simply awesome: Goat hanging by his horns on a power line... yeah that happened Is this election year rigged for Hillary to win? N. Korea is threatening to nuke U.S. in new propaganda video And of course my friend Ezra Miller in this new episode for Funny or Die: EZRA MILLER WANTS TO KNOW: WHERE'S WALDO? - watch more funny videos That's it for now... 

"Ezmerized" ... My night with Ezra Miller

I always thought I’d have to take a trip to NYC to see him LIVE, but Sons of anIllustrious Father came to downtown Houston for a $5 show on 3/15/16.   I showed up at 8:30. The next day off, incase… Notsuoh downtown Houston was the scene. I grabbed a bench inside by the door and in moments, I saw Ezra Miller walking by. I tried to contain myself as he is truly stunning in person. Graceful gait, perfect posture. Tall, thin, in a black zip down jumpsuit. To my surprise, he and his band mates were carrying their own equipment inside. Now mind you, this is the guy who will play “The Flash” in 2018, about which he said I'd have to go through his publicist in order to get an interview. A DC Comics indeed.   Despite his star status, at 23, Miller is quite humble and sweet, thinks he can blend in, when he clearly stands out beautifully. I finally got the nerve to stand, stop him, and ask for that interview. “Ezra.” He stopped, looked at me, and I said “wow, it’s really y

"HUUUGE" headlines today...

Not a lot of time to blog like I should, working 2 full time jobs, plus personal projects. I guess I expected to relax a little after being cured of cancer. Not happening though... But of course I still make time to keep up with all the big things happening in the world and today, here's what caught my eye: Virtual reality coming to Six Flags Texas  ... SOOO DOPE! Women's products taxed... Men's? NO!    Donald Trump's cock fight... REALLY?!  Trump did get pummeled though More importantly... Wrestler contracts herpes from mat   Obamas are coming to SXSW Anyway, I hope you're having a good day where you are! What's happening where you are? Drop me a line at