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Amarosa: Trump wanted this U.S. Capitol captive chaos

The United States capital was taken under siege today by pro Trump supporters, protesters turned terrorist.  
Amarosa said it herself. “This is exactly the scene he wanted.” Even worse. “There may be more to come,” as she spoke with Sky News Wednesday afternoon. 
Trump supporters turned anarchists stormed the US Capitol, in a stunning invasion Wednesday afternoon shortly after a Trump rally not far from the location. 
Trumps spokesperson Rudy Giuliani the comments during the “stop and steel” rally on Wednesday morning, as Americans awaited the results of the Georgia Senate race.
At that same hour, US Congress members  were counting and officiating electoral college votes to finalize the election. 
I process that we not only take about half an hour
It was during that time that people inside congressional chambers knew something was happening outside those doors. A reporter there to cover the vote, heard rumblings and vice president Mike Pence was quickly whisked away. Congress members were taken under siege drawing guns inside government chambers, forced to duck for cover, or draw guns and confront trespassers alone, with no police presence, Eye 2 Eye.
Amidst the chaos, a female Trump supporter was shot and was pronounced dead shortly before 5 PM central standard time. When witness says she was shot in the neck blood spewed, she still said she was all right, then blood started coming out of her mouth, and she was whisked away
Reports of violence, more gun fire and teargas,  explosive devices and lockdowns are among the talks and reports being discussed around the country. City capitals are closing buildings all over the country as a precaution, fearing more protesters may react around the country as night falls across the nation. 
Protesters breached the US Capitol building smashed windows and entered government hallways going door to door in search of Congress members. They entered offices and chambers where electoral votes were being counted. Those votes were eventually secured by quick thinking aid and officially declared late Wednesday afternoon. One protester even entered the office of Nancy Pelosi and put his feet up on her desk.
Protesters climbed around hanging from congressional balconies, outside crowd in the high erected scaffolding put in place as preparations for president elect Joe Biden’s inauguration scheduled for this month.
Protesters who remained outside screaming in crackled cords of desperation “stop the steal.“ They were also yelling “Trump won.” After about an hour or two, President Trump tweeted for his protesters to “be peaceful.“ He didn’t send the police. He didn’t send the military. He didn’t send in the National Guard. Or even encourage action against the protesters. He also was not with them as he said he would be during his protest nearby. He did tweet recorded video continuing to spew baseless conspiracy theories, claiming the election was stolen from him. This, after Ivanka Trump also tweeted that these protesters were “patriots”. She was quick to delete that tweet once the scene went awry.  
Then, President elect Joe Biden took to the airwaves, to speak against President Trump on this turn of events. If Trump decides to pardon himself after being in trouble for this, he potential he walks into a trap I was on making.
Now impeachment preparations are again underway to push Trump out two weeks nearly to the day of his final exit from the White House.
Late Wednesday night congressional house speaker Nancy Pelosi said the electoral college votes would resume.
Only now, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, a Republican from Washington state, will reverse her position and won't challenge the presidential election results after what just happened.
Stephanie Grisham, Melania Trump’s chief of staff and former White House press secretary, has resigned, telling ABC News News: “It has been an honor to serve the country in the White House.”
Democrats have won the Senate and new age of liberalism soon usher in. 
We have only one person to thank for this dramatic amazing and historic turn of events.
He is president Donald Trump. We can thank him but he wouldn’t be able to respond because Twitter has officially locked his account for 12 hours pending deletions of three tweets. If he doesn’t delete three tweets they find in violation of their rules, the entire account will be deleted.

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