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LIVE - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week + London, Milan, & Paris

I always dreamt of going around the world to see the shows for myself. There really isn't anything like seeing them LIVE. I did attend Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week when it came to Houston. Naomi and Gemma Ward led the looks. That's how it's DONE! Now with  Fashion Houston and Houston Fashion Week, I think we're off to a good start and things will only get better. Houston was recently called "America's next great global city by Forbes" ... & my playpen, The Heights, is now the  4th BEST neighborhood in the country , (despite a recent rash of  crime ). YEAH! Anyway, if you love fashion as much as I do, get your cup of coffee and spend the weekend in. Click the image below to watch the shows from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week LIVE through September 12th : Photo by HEIGHTSTONIAN at Fashion Houston 2011. Mark your calendars for London Fashion Week begins September 18-23. Click the photo below to see all the shows in London, Milan, Paris and th