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HEIGHTSTONIAN - A vintage perspective, from the FIRST ever Austin Vintage Style Festival

Houston has an intense vintage scene for buyers and collectors alike. Always has! It also has a wildly popular second hand market. I have quite a history with both experiences, being I'm from Houston and have lived here all my life. I have pristine second hand and vintage capes, furs, gloves, hats ... you name it and I know how to apply it ALL! I'm always prudently in search of that next special piece for my wardrobe. However, there is simply too much to choose from for me not to have set standards when it comes to vintage specifically. If I see something, no matter if it's one of a kind, I'm not paying retail for something that's almost 40 years old, if can't wear it off the rack. If I am expected to buy something you call "vintage," it has to have endured a multitude of phases in order for me to even consider purchasing a piece at retail cost. For instance, it must maintain its appeal having been undamaged or mended, cleaned, still stylish and ready

HEIGHTSTONIAN presents Christian Siriano for Payless & F/W 2011 & SS 2012

Fashion designer, Christian Siriano loves Houston and he's back a year after participating in Fashion Houston's 2010 inaugural shows. This time he was here to push his two new lines of shoes for Payless , where I caught up with him at the Galleria November 3, 2011. The day after was a sneak peek of his SS2012 at a trunk show in the Houston Galleria's  Neiman Marcus , where he was also marketing his FW2011 collection. Also in tow, a unique creation Heidi Klum wore at the Emmy Awards. Mr. Siriano was sweet enough to take the time to share all about it work, and then some! My colleagues, Jay Maroquin and Luis Soto of Metrovelvet  and local fashion designer Gin Martini  were in on the coverage. See his latest collection in motion here!! If you missed it, here is Christian's SS/2011 collection at Fashion Houston 2010, presented to you online by HEIGHTSTONIAN.