Friday, September 2, 2016

You must know Dandee Warhol ...

If you live in Houston and haven't heard the name Dandee Warhol, I forgive you... But you've also missed a LOT. However, you must get to know him... because he has mentored many emerging artists in the city, from everywhere on a solid platform that even as an idea, and a brand, is very strong.

Transitioning from business to art, he's taken his talent to the front of the classroom, teaching new generations the value of being creative and throwing show that still draw hundreds, even thousands locally. He's thriving in a society that's slashing budgets or art programs.


Houston's Warhol has an instinctual vision of what art can do for the world.

If you see this and support art, take him global... It's worth it.

Thanks in advance for taking the time...


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