Thursday, June 4, 2009

"MAXXANDAUX may" ... my BIG debut

SCREENING TIME UPDATE: We are screening on the patio at Avant Garden, so the screening will likely begin ASA it's dark enough. 8:20pm is the eta for sunset. Hopefully, we won't have to wait that long.

HEIGHTSTONIAN invites you to a special screening event at Avant Garden on Sunday June 14, 2009 from 6:30-10pm. MAXXANDAUX may begins around sunset. Runtime is 50 minutes.

MAXXANDAUX may is a reality entertainment debut documentary by Rachel Estrada, of a Houston performance artist named “Max.”

Videographer, narrator and video editor, Estrada followed MaxXandauX and his team for an exploration of four performances, three of which are actually scheduled. The fourth performance is impromptu, making two back-to-back performances in one hour for a very busy MaxXandauX. It all happens in Houston, Texas, where MaxXandauX performs for local audiences in the month of May, 2009. Houston venues featured include South Beach, Avant Garden, Mango’s on Westheimer, and La Strada.

MAXXANDAUX may takes you along through each transformation from Max to MaxXandauX, where hair and makeup is a different vision of violet every time. During hair and makeup, you get to sample the colorful banter of MaxXandauX’s entourage of loyal friends. Reality sets in when MaxXandauX opens up, sharing thoughts on the anticipation before certain performances. MaxXandauX also shares on the shortcomings after each customized performance. All of which are purely entertaining.

Original debut music is featured and performed by MaxXandauX including debut single, “Velvet Violet” and follow-up hit “Chameleon.” Violet Velvet was produced by Nikolai Stepan, MaxXandauX and UrbanM1ke. Violet Velvet version used for the performance is a remix by the 99ers. Chameleon is produced by Frequency M..

Make up by Kyla Moreno. Hair design by Henry Da La Paz. Choreography is by Tania Peterson. Set and Costume design by Tony Rio.

An opening performance of the screening will feature Pavmire.
Also screening at the event is “When the Kisses Stop,” directed by Genaro Deanda, starring MaxXandauX and Mike C.
After party DJ set by Black Transmission. So put June 14, 6:30pm, at Avant Garden on your calendar.

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