Thursday, November 21, 2019

50% Of Americans To Ditch Diets Over The Holidays

Are you eating salads this week so you can stack your plate with Thanksgiving dinner with aaaaAAAAAAll the trimmings next week? You're not alone. With holidays fast approaching, those with a bad ticker are especially vulnerable during this time of the year.

Who can help themselves, right? I don't blame you for falling off the wagon.

Just don't give up. What I do is incorporate more salad into my diet over the weeks leading up to the big days.

The second annual "Writing Off the End of the Year" survey, reportedly found that nearly half of Americans will ditch diets, claiming it's too difficult to maintain one during the season. Is it?

What's tempting us? Cookies? I don't buy a lot of cookies throughout the year to begin with. Pies? OOoooh I make a mean key lime flan, but only on occasion. Even then, I share it with those I love. How about cakes? Aaah, I LOVE cake.

Did you see the Astros cake I made

5 layers with yogurt butter cream icing (above).

I suppose I can't blame the admitted 53 percent of folks who fall off the diet wagon. I'm on board with those 44 percent who said they'd certainly dump diets for home-cooked holiday meals. If you're wondering how it compared to last year, new results indicate that the average person expects to gain six pounds during the holidays.

What about you? Are you in the give up crowd? Are you eating as healthy as possible around the holidays? What's your greatest diet breaking temptation? Let me know in the comments below. Share your favorite holiday recipe. I still need some ideas to surprise my family this Thanksgiving. 

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