Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Big Movements in Houston Underway

If you're new to Houston, or an international reader interested in my growing city, you may find this group of local people and places inspirational and interesting, even helpful and fun!

I don't drink so I'm not a bar goer. They bore me to tears really. A place I love has to have fun music, a chic atmosphere. Also, I've always loved a club with a pool and figured I have to go to Vegas or Miami to get this most enjoyable combo of entertainment. Even H2O in Galveston is great but it's missing music. Even their bar in a pool bores me to stone, but of course I still go because it's a beautiful place. Then Roak came along but didn't last thanks to gentrifiers who tore it down in order to make yet another construction eyesore no one will have access to along Kirby Drive. As for the pool at Roak, it was the only one that had a dance floor, pretty cabanas and a pretty stylish Houston nightlife. Thought I'd have to wait forever for anything like that to come along again...

Not anymore! Cle is here Houston!

The spectacle alone is worth the price of admission, whatever that is... The staff, all Victoria Secret modelesque lovlies, there to greet you upon arrival and they parade around all night in nothing but HOT underwear and they truly look fun and fabulous. The venue, huge. The laser lighting is overhead, so you won't burn out an eye-socket as you get down to the sounds of DJ Riddler, coming across Diavalo Systems, on of course the best night to be on a dance floor. Saturday night. A weekly Sunday Funday pool party  also kicked off this past Sunday and it feels like Vegas or Miami right in the heart of downtown Houston at Cle. Finally, a real joy in nightlife has come alive in Houston! Here's a look:


About 10 years ago, I could count the biggest hotspots in Houston. Now, it's tougher than ever to keep up with who's doing what and where, unless they break out and do something like this... I've experienced Bombon and it's quite amazing. They've come a long way and continue to progress into something almost spiritual... This winning combination of hot musical talent simply moves you. Go to one of their events, hit the dance floor and you'll know what I mean. Here is the scoop on their next level action... A full length album on iTunes. Get it!

Here's the full recap of our Bombón x Peligrosa record release party this weekend in Austin! Peligrosa joins us in...
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THIS chic! Kiki Maroon is now burning down the house across the world... and quickly becoming the Dita Von Teese of Houston, but with bigger balls! Yeah I said it! She just recently went international and even caused a stir at a church in Italy but I'll let her tell that tale. Her shows are fresh and outlandish, and she's always coming up with the most creative ways to literally freak us out and we can't stop watching! What's really cool about her too is she welcomes and encourages new talent and those onboard her ride to glory and international fame, to be outrageous. Her unique array of fun and bizarre is really winning for her... GOOD! F-the-PC-BS! She's a show! She even brought home an award and by the looks of it, there's no stopping this one. Thank God! Click the photo for more of Kiki, if you can handle it:


I love, love LOVE, the comedy community in Houston. These guys and gorgeous gals got me through many a-tough moments simply by making me laugh. They're cool, real, PC free, and many of the finest folks to know in Houston. Now, players like Owen Dunn and Andy Huggins are headlining locally and winning acclaim among their peers and around the nation.  Meanwhile local talents like Chase Durousseau and Mark Hurtado and John Mark Gard are taking sharpening their comic chops and gaining great momentum in Los Angeles. Matthew Broussard, MTV.  Now, the Whiskey Brothers are taking huge strides, with a new residency at the Houston IMPROV. New to comedy? Not a problem. Here's the deal...

The fine folks at Jack Daniels bring you the first in a series of WB shows at the Improv Houston. It's dirt cheap...
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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Today Is A Very Special Birthday For Me

This is a very special week! I'm not one to ordinarily make a big deal about my birthday but it's my first birthday as a breast cancer survivor so this one will always be quite special. 

This Friday is my Sweet 16 being alcohol free as well, so I'm especially happy to be me today. I've come a long way. I've humbly inspired others and I am grateful for all of the love and support I've had over the years to get to this point. 

Today I will celebrate my birthday by spending it with my mother. We're taking portraits to capture and important time in both our lives. It was her idea and I'm glad she thought of it because we have been through everything together and I know no one on this earth loves me more than her.

My closest friends have also shown me tremendous love and support and I am especially grateful for those who have continued to be by my side through many of my most difficult experiences over the past year. 

I hope to be here to celebrate another birthday cancer free next year, the year after that, and for many years to come, but I know to take things day by day.

It's just that now, having moved passed so many huge challenges, I feel free, even more courageous, and surprisingly, still beautiful. Now I want to do so much more with my time here on earth than ever before and I am inspired by so many people I know and by many I follow on social media, and don't always get a chance to see regularly. These people teach me and others, whether they know it or not, how to be better, to thrive, to continue to create, and always find a way to be happy no matter what. Most of all to love and be loved. So with all of this in mind, I will celebrate my big birthday knowing this is why I'm still here with you. Thanks be to God.

Self portraits during chemotherapy, 2014.

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