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Big Movements in Houston Underway

If you're new to Houston, or an international reader interested in my growing city, you may find this group of local people and places inspirational and interesting, even helpful and fun! I don't drink so I'm not a bar goer. They bore me to tears really. A place I love has to have fun music, a chic atmosphere. Also, I've always loved a club with a pool and figured I have to go to Vegas or Miami to get this most enjoyable combo of entertainment. Even H2O in Galveston is great but it's missing music. Even their bar in a pool bores me to stone, but of course I still go because it's a beautiful place. Then Roak came along but didn't last thanks to gentrifiers who tore it down in order to make yet another construction eyesore no one will have access to along Kirby Drive. As for the pool at Roak, it was the only one that had a dance floor, pretty cabanas and a pretty stylish Houston nightlife. Thought I'd have to wait forever for anything like that to come

Today Is A Very Special Birthday For Me

This is a very special week! I'm not one to ordinarily make a big deal about my birthday but it's my first birthday as a breast cancer survivor so this one will always be quite special.  This Friday is my Sweet 16 being alcohol free as well, so I'm especially happy to be me today. I've come a long way. I've humbly inspired others and I am grateful for all of the love and support I've had over the years to get to this point.  Today I will celebrate my birthday by spending it with my mother. We're taking portraits to capture and important time in both our lives. It was her idea and I'm glad she thought of it because we have been through everything together and I know no one on this earth loves me more than her. My closest friends have also shown me tremendous love and support and I am especially grateful for those who have continued to be by my side through many of my most difficult experiences over the past year.  I hope to be here to celebrate another bi