Thursday, November 2, 2017

PODCAST: Astros Win World Series

Finally! The Astros have earned history and a World Series championship title for Houston, Texas for the first time in franchise history. I was in class when the game began but took my lucky 7 Craig Biggio jersey to put on when the game began. After class, I rushed to a spot where I watched another winning game, and talked with so many people who had a LOT to share about what it means for the city after Harvey, and so much more! So this is sound from people who were watching the game... and as things started getting even more exciting about the win, I kept hearing from more people. After the win, I went by a local Academy to get reaction from fans outside in line... It's uncut so just let it roll! Listen in! Enjoah!

NASA determines the perfect length of a nap to keep from begin groggy or WORSE

The folks at NASA have come up with some very important research about sleep. N ASA conducted a study to determine how long our NAPS should ...