Thursday, August 19, 2021

DO NOT HIRE Sam West home repair, handyman, in the Houston Heights... (713) 582-5500

My mom needed a small repair in the bathroom at our home. She called a repair man she found in the Leader, a Greater Heights publication, that we get all the time. 

When she called the phone number (713) 582-5500 that in all caps read “WEST SAM” a man name Sam West came to our home right away, which we took as a good sign... to repair a towel rack in my bathroom. A seemingly simple task for a handyman. We even have all the parts.

I was in the next room when my mom walked Sam West (West Sam on your phone) in, and I immediately detected his condescending tone toward my mother. As they continued to talk and exchange in conversation, his tone became more mean, disrespectful and chauvinistic toward her. My mom remained submissive and polite as she talked with him, “just to get the repair done,” she said. 

However, I, an extremely tolerant person, upset and visibly shaken by this man’s treatment, had to interject and ask him to leave only five minutes into his visit. I told him “you don’t talk to my mother that way, with that tone. You’re not gonna stand here and be disrespectful toward my mother when you’re coming to do us a service.”

Sam West or WEST SAM on your phone, is in his late 60’s’ish, white, long dark with light gray blended hair in a foot-long ponytail with multiple rubber bands going down the ponytail. He also has a dark goatee and wears small glasses, is a medium build and very very rude.

Sam West phone: 713-582-5500.

I strongly urge you not to hire this man. He is very rude to women and feels he has doesn’t have to explain anything to someone who “can’t be taught.”

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