Tuesday, February 26, 2019

VIDEO: Actress Selma Blair Opens Up About 'Tears' and 'Relief' of MS Diagnosis

Be sweet!

God Bless Selma Blair. She's opening up for the first time about her MS diagnosis. It's difficult for her to speak. She gets tired and has crappy days like the rest of us.

Only, she went through 5 years of struggling with what was breaking her body down to the point of convulsing uncontrollably in the tube to get an MRI - only to find out she has a severe and aggressive form of MS.

It flared after the birth of her son and she's struggled ever since.

The diagnosis was the actual point of relief for the actress who has starred in blockbuster films like "Cruel Intentions" and "The Sweetest Thing."

Now she opens up about having MS and life as usual, being her career as a film and show star.

Here's her EXCLUSIVE talk with ABC News' Robin Roberts...

Vanity Fair also did a story on her transformation.

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