Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Lady Can Only Go One Direction, UP!

This is Jessica Wahlquist, model, actress, singer, and "luxocity" de jour. With consistent photo pose direction by me, she was able to pull off angles I see less and less with the models of today who are starting out.  In the beginning, all but a small percentage of even the most gorgeous, don't always move or extend in ways necessary to show the garment or an accessory properly. Without proper direction early in a model's career, the potential is also not fully visible, so the quality of the model and the overall photo falls short and is ultimately a flop in my opinion. Also, I've never believed a model's talent to be under her clothes. With a background in modeling, I was able to reflect on my own experience and draw from Jessica, the poses I needed to highlight an accessory like this gorgeous fascinator for example. 

An extraordinary head piece, fascinator, and hat by Violet Peacock creator, Lindsay Halpin. 
Here, I asked Jessica to isolate the shoulders and turn her head left slowly, to lift her chin to not lose the neck; yet accordingly to see only the lips, then tilt down & right slightly to show the piece without collapsing the pose... all for this single result. 

To hold the fan in this position, that, I demonstrated because ladies 
don't ordinarily walk around with fancy fans, ... only Riyad. 

This full extension is flawed in the one above so I couldn't use it entirely, 
but it's a lesson in photo pose directing.

How many time can I say posture? Always UP. The slouchy slump is so over. 
I will never encourage a model to slouch or take off their clothes for a fashion shoot, 
when there are so many other beautiful options. 

Ultimately, looking like a lady takes direction by a lady. This is an extraordinary example. 

Framing of the central accessory. Graceful eased extension, 
but ... AH! No neck.Another lesson in photo pose directing. Dually noted. 

Another important point. This was shot with an iPhone 4. Not a Canon. Not a Nikon. Not an iPhone 5 with panorama and a special power cord. I won't always say what I'm shooting with, but in this case, it's a young lady, directed by a lady, both poised. Add an iPhone 4, and that's all I needed to achieve the beauty, elegance, and grace you see herein... all rarities in society today.

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