Monday, September 26, 2011


This was a HUGE thrill for me as a Houston fashion "Tracker!!!" I attended the Houston Vintage market in the Houston Heights (aka my playpen) Saturday afternoon, where Lindsay Halpin, the woman behind VIOLET PEACOCK was marketing her pieces, many of which she made specifically for the event. I've been following Violet Peacock for quite a while now and was so grateful she took the time to chat with me about this special day of "firsts" for her. A fashion show at the vintage market was the first actual runway presentation of her beautiful hat and 'fascinator' collection. A couture collection entitled "Velocity" was modeled by Neil Hamil models that evening. She also tells me, I'm the "first to do a story on her." She shared a bit about about how she works, what inspired the collection, & why she takes the time to do things by hand. In the freeze frame below, Halpin holds one of her favorite pieces. Enjoiah!!

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