Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fashion, Art and a Popping Newsroom

I published a beauty from Fashion Houston 2010. Music by Houston's own Josh Dupont, owner of Nightshade Music. I've always thought his style was more for fashion shows, BIG ones. Anyway, what he did in May 2010 works very well for Irina Shabayeva's.

And recently, I published one of my many art days. I went to the Lawndale and that's where GONZO 247 of Aerosol Warfare, was making a presentation. I love the crazy arm shadows that appear on the wall, just as he's speaking on the topic of painting shadows. You've gotta love divine coincidence. 

And KTRH gets poppin'!! We have a new popcorn machine in the newsroom at work! It's classic! Of course i was there to taste test the first batch! So were John Labus and Joe Gomez from Clear Channel Radio Houston 740 KTRH Newstalk. 

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