Saturday, August 6, 2011

It's all in a name!!! BAD new Heights restaurant

I really tried to keep this one in the bag, but it's been upsetting me ever since my mom and I were there this past Thursday afternoon.
A certain new Heights restaurant need to get its act together. It's a thumbs down for DOWN HOUSE. I took my lovely mom to DOWN HOUSE, a "nice, $$" new restaurant on Yale, only to have our dinner swarmed by 10+ FLIES!!! In fact, DOWN HOUSE should change its name to ROUND HOUSE because that's what you have to do several times over just to get a bite down. My mother nearly broke her neck turning at every approach! The clincher?!!? When I told the waitress about it, she said "there's nothing we can do." I'm thinking "you mean there's nothing you can do about flies swarming my mother as she eats her $22 port chop?!?! UH-UH!" My mother didn't want to switch tables because we were by the window. My mother and I are the kind of people who wouldn't tell a patron "there's nothing I can do." So I guess it's safe to say that unless the flyswatter becomes the latest fashion accessory, this HEIGHTSTONIAN will NOT be dining at DOWN HOUSE anytime soon.

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