Sunday, June 20, 2010

Houston is NOT boring because...

A few blocks away from my place, what used to be the old Rollin Salloon, is back open, with new ownership. The Railyard had a busy soft opening this weekend with no signage whatsoever. Later today, they will be integrating their new visual entertainment elements for a polished & updated version of sports bar atmosphere the Rollin once offered. This week, they expect to be on the ball with sports line ups. I met Dana, a local resident, among the low key area high rollers from River Oaks, Westheimer Oaks, Galleria and "Uptowneers." We are both pleased with the outcome and expressed our approval to the men in charge. Word has it, a mexican restaurant is expected to open in the same renovated shopping strip, from which Railyard will market selected tasty bites. Stop in and say hello to the new men in charge, Trey, Clinton and their bartender Tony.

I also stopped by Avant Garden to see yet another (quite consistent, hence, intriguing) Shina Rae fashion show production and I have to say at this point and she has earned it... In my eyes, Shina Rae has officially become the "Go-To Girl" for a new designer or any solid designers brave enough to have their line shown in Houston these days. I say this for many reasons, but I have to hand it to her mainly because I know for a fact, she loves to do shows, all the time, for people who both, create and want to SHOW their work, no matter what time of year. Tonight, I saw about 15 gorgeous fresh faces in 3 designer's lines, all unique, colorful and fun. VINTEDGE, a presentation of reworked vintage, was probably my favorite because I grew up wearing vintage I reWERKed myself. I AM KOUTURE was another beautiful line of short dresses with catchy patterns made for daring free spirits. ANOMALI STREETWEAR, a line of unique tight t-shirts and accessories for men and women looked SO sexy on these models. Another designer, JAJO COUTURE had a rack of unique items to select from. Ms. Crystal Lee was also there to support Shina, wearing hosiery I spotted in Miami during WMC yet have not been able to find in Houston. The lady is sparkling, so it was nice to see her on-hand to support Shina's show!

My last stop was Temper Tantrum at the bar inside Gravitas for a special birthday party for Charro Beans DaBarge. I arrived late, after peak time, which was from 11pm-12:30am. I may have missed the crowd by the time I arrived at 1am, but I was definitely on time for the performance of the night. Charro dancing to "Single Ladies" after drinking a few (of her own and some other people's) birthday cocktails, was so hysterical. I admit, I did partake in the dance, following Charro's lead, which was pretty accurate. That is, until Charro TOOK OVER with leaping half-turns on the furniture and bar foot rests until she literally LOST her wig! Bravo Charro!!!

So many people are doing things to entertain Houston, that it's tough to keep up w it all. Honestly, I didn't make half the stops I wanted to make, so this isn't even half the fun this Heightstonian could have had tonight.

Need Reels? I do Reels... Just did a couple today about the "Barbie" movie for my station

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