Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Timeline: Second Pfizer vaccine is kicking my a$$

Got it Tuesday at 4:15 pm
7pm sore arm. Drowsy.
Bed early.
Nightmare that our new logo was a pig face with heart eyes and gold chain necklace.
Wednesday at 8am I woke up fatigued.
Glad I took the day off.
In bed till 10am with chills.
11am Got up and forced myself to do a load of laundry. Dizzy. Cold fingers and toes. 
I came up with a brilliant idea of putting my blow dryer inside my nightgown to warm up. Works!! 
11:15 Sore knees. Legs achy. Achy all over, but legs are the worst. 
Noon I think I have a fever. My asscheeks are burning hot. Got hot buns!
12:30 Did a load of dishes to keep moving
12:45 Back in bed.
3PM Achy the whole day. Some fever.
Went to bed again early. 
Woke up at 1am and 4am with chills. 

8AM Woke up wiped out, but less symptomatic.
Today I took one Tylenol, but that's it.

Little to no Tylenol bc I want to know the full experience. Crazy. Dumb? 

I’m still smart enough to get the Pfizer vaccine.

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