Sunday, August 2, 2020

Houston Mayor Pleads For Help From POTUS To Reduce COVID-19 Spike

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Last week, the Mayor of Houston announced deaths in Houston from COVID-19 have DOUBLED compared to June. Mayor Turner goes LIVE daily to provide updates, along with local officials from the fire and police departments. We all watch. We see number rise and places close. #MaskUp is advised but becomes white noise I presume, because numbers continue to increase. Last I calculated, 1/57 have it. We all know someone who's had it.

People are also hurting after layoffs and closures. There have been rent protests, miles of lines for free food giveaways. Evictions!

Also trending today BLM protests in Austin after the death of Garret Foster: AUSTINPROTESTS

This is only the beginning. Things will get worse. The pandemic has no end in sight. These statements are from WHO, Dr. Fauci, and local doctors on the Houston Mayor's team who says "we're fighting COVID-19 and stupidity." He's talking about Houstonians.

This past week, Mayor Turner made a plea to Congress and POTUS for assistance to reduce the spike in local numbers. It's known to those who watch his daily updates that he has NOT received help from POTUS or the Texas Governor to reduce the numbers.

Here is the video. I encourage you to watch it and even if you don't care, don't believe it's real, and don't intend to help reduce the curve, - be aware Houstonians are hurting. Texas is hurting and needs to reduce the wild spread of COVID-19 and FAST! 

I've done what I could. I stay home. I don't talk to people without a mask. I do what I can to keep safe and have consideration for others by maintaining social distancing. I haven't seen my best friends since March. I call them though.

In response to the new video from the Mayor to POTUS, check out my Twitter feed.

Again, even if you don't care, know this.

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