Sunday, March 22, 2015

My love letter to Anna Wintour

I saw Anna Wintour in the flesh tonight. She was a vision. So beautiful. Perfect. Glowing. Happy. Very happy. A dream come true at any moment in my life is when I look into the eyes of THE Anna Wintour, and that happened tonight. I just felt better ... seeing her right in front of me. I wish I could always. So much power in her beautiful face. 

I wore leopard boots. A black dress and a dark beret. My friend had already talked with her. When I walked in, I immediately made eye contact. We locked eyes and all I could say was "Wow" to her from across the room. She saw me say this and kept smiling. I smiled too and continued my pace.

She was surrounded and involved in a discussion, so I wasn't bold enough to walk over and interrupt gentleman in tuxes and ladies with floorlength gowns like hers, to merely gush about how much I love her and how much I appreciate all she does to make my life more beautiful every day.

She wore a mildly shimmering flesh tone floor length slim fitting gown with very elegant black print. We shared a very nice smile exchange. That's enough for me. That's all I could transmit before I just tried to stop looking like I was there just to see her, which I was. I will never forget her face looking at mine, with what I will always perceive it as a hint of approval, since she didn't break her expression. To see her in person is just more than I ever imagined because she is absolutely magnificent. Anna Wintour is what fabulous strives to be.

I managed to sneak this photo over my friend's shoulder. He'd spoken with her and helped her for a moment, being the gentleman he is to everyone he knows. I'll let him tell his story. Of course I already know what they discussed. 

I will always be grateful to have a nice friend like him. My nice friend who invited me one night to see Anna Wintour ... in the flesh.

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