Sunday, January 11, 2015

My Crack At Gluten-free Pretentiousness

Let me just start by saying that this recipe honestly rocked my kitchen this Sunday morning. So, I wanted to pass it along to anyone trying to cook healthy this winter season. Enjoy!

It's the perfect remedy for great eating if you're staying indoors during this cold snap and trying to avoid gaining weight. First of all, it's gluten-free (whatever that now means to most people these days). I'm calling it Paleo.

I just know it's mostly egg, plus banana and coconut which is ground into actual flour. A main ingredient is to make everything with love. My lovely friend Stacy and I, as a team, pulled these together and they were magnificent! 

Click the photo for the original recipe:

I've made coconut pancakes before, but these have an even better pancake texture, which is really why I really thought it was worthy of sharing online. So batter'up! 

Thank you Food and Wine Magazine online for a fabulous recipe I would love to see in new Houston restaurants, on a Sunday brunch menu perhaps. 

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