Wednesday, July 11, 2018

B&M Drywall &Remodeling Specialists - skilled trade services

After numerous calls and voice mails, excuses and stalls, I'm still waiting for them to finish my project. They were paid in full just yesterday to finish the project this week, their words. They finished the first half of my project then talked us into another part, but where they fell off is this second half of the project. They insisted that 5 guys (sounded familiar to me too) were coming yesterday to drop off the trailer load of materials do some of this project and needed to be paid that day... BUT! we've been waiting 2 weeks for him to even get started on the second half of this project and now... these guys aren't taking my calls and I'm going straight to voice mail.

This post is only to warn the public by sharing my experience. It doesn't stop there but it's all I'll share for now... The longer they take to get back to me, the more I'll post about

 B&M Drywall &Remodeling Specialists (Houston Metro) 

Because there's certainly a LOT more to share...